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    How are you guys finding business nowadays? Is the credit crunch biting you?


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    Most definitely. I am hoping that things will improve at Christmas as I think most customers tend to spend, even if not much at this time of year. All the forums I am on both UK, USA and Europe it sees to be the same. It does not help when on the news you see headlines such as " economy at a stand still' 'worst it's been for 60 years'.
    The business news shows profit of large companies down, I think this may help the smaller business, particularly for local fairs etc as people may attend to pick up a bargain, without the travel costs plus car parking, which can be exorbitant in some towns. Also if we as crafters can offer something different from the shops, competitively priced, we could be on to a winner.
    All in all we need to support each other through out this and keep in there.


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      I think people are looking for value for money and not buying luxury items. It was fairly obvious at our craft fair at the weekend that people like well made crafts that are not too expensive and looking for gifts etc. People are probably not going to treat themselves to the more expensive items, but might buy a necklace at a good price that can be a treat and if they are buying Christmas presents they are perhaps trying to spread their money a bit further - I know I am. I certainly bought more than half of my Christmas presents whilst I had good crafters all under one roof offering lovely goodies. People are still spending, but not as much and certainly probably not as much on themselves.


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        hard times?


        Thanks for the replies. I've just had my first craft fair. I'm an artist and aim to sell my paintings and prints. Speaking purely in terms of a business model (not product quality) my work has a low turnover and high cost, perhaps not best suited for craft fairs.

        I did quite well, selling four originals and several prints, but can't help feeling I was just lucky. We’ll see how things go in future. I think the process is a bit random to say the least!

        I have another craft fair at Christmas. My wife and I really enjoyed the experience, and I drew some pictures while the public watched on………..what a show-off! We tried to avoid the usual pit-falls and kept chatting to people and walking around. The venue allowed this; I realize this isn’t always possible. One picture was delivered later, and we received payment at the point of delivery (no credit card facility yet).



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          I think it's affecting how much people spend but I do think that if you have the right products then people are still buying. Yesterday I had the best fair I've had so far and took about the same amount as Lush who were next to me. I think that with all the advertising their brand has and all the offers they had on the day (things like free products if you go to the shop afterwards) I did pretty well to match their takings.

          I also think you really have to research which fairs are worthwhile doing. A lot of takings is down to how well the fair has been advertised and where it is held. Yesterday it was clear that the organisers had their advertising bang on! I took a bit of a risk as it was more than I'd usually pay for a table but it definitely paid off.