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Should I organise my own craft event?

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  • Should I organise my own craft event?

    Hi all!
    I am considering organising my own craft event due the distinct lack them here in Norfolk!
    Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice, it would be a smallish event held in a village hall?
    Also would anyone be interested in coming along, venue is about 15 miles from Norwich?

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    Hi - how many craft fairs have you attended as a stallholder? That is quite a learning curve - what is done right, what is done wrong. If you observe those things you are quite on the way to knowing what needs doing. Attention to detail and your crafter is a good start. There are several threads with the same sort of questions on. Do a search and look at some of the older ones for a start off. Any specific questions will be answered by anyone who can help. Yours is quite general at the moment.


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      Thanks for you reply.
      I have read previous threads and have found them to be very helpful. The main problem in this area is smaller events are very few and far between and stalls are extremely hard to get.
      To organise my own is an idea in very early stages as yet and any feedback is really appreciated.
      Thanks again.


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        Instead of jumping in and organising, have you thought of having an Open Event in your home, I know I have posted this suggestion several times but I think it is worht a look at. If you know of a few other crafters invite them to exhibit as well have family and friends, less formal and less pressure. Wine and nibbles of course help.


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          Hi Sally,

          If you do want to give it a whirl ...have a look at this first...

          Good luck!

          Fair Do

          Fair Do's!