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  • Christmas craft fairs

    So the ads on tv now have christmas stuff so people must be planing some christmas craft fairs..

    So which christmas craft fairs are you going to?

    Will it be a xmas theme only christmas craft fairs?

    How many christmas craft fairs to attend per year?

    What do hate or love about christmas craft fairs?

    Anyone look forward to xmas ?


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    I am (hopefully) attending one in Herne Bay, Kent in november. I dont like christmas myself, but am fully prepared to take advantage of people wishing to buy gifts
    Lady Lora


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      I am attending 3 christmas craft fairs, 1 in Glasgow (Desember) and 2 in Edinburgh (November and Desember)(its my First christmas craft fairs)

      P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas time, its magical


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        I love Christmas too. I have one at the end of October, which although not stricly a Christmas fair is generally a good one as people are starting to think Christmas and also two locally with late night shopping in our two local towns in December. I hope there may be one or two more lurking around that haven't become obvious yet. Christmas card book is ready for me to start taking orders - one for 70 cards already, so on the count down to Christmas!!! Heck - let's get this weekend's village events over first - although never know perhaps people would like to start Christmas shopping now and spread the cost.


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          Well some of the things I am bringing to this weekends fair have a very definite christmas flavour!
          Cathy xx

          I don't have a short attention span, I ... Ooh look, there's a chicken!


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            Oooh good - I have certainly made a resolution to get started on my shopping whilst I have all those goodies under one roof.


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              I have a few fairs booked in during the run up to Christmas, 2 are actual 'Christmas' fairs, one in Wolvey (organised by jacksonhen on here) and the Save the Children Christmas fair in Leamington.

              I won't be making Christmas 'themed' jewellery (in case I'm stuck with it for a year) but I'll be making a few gift set ideas so they can always be 'recycled' for valentines etc

              It seems funny thinking about Christmas already, but the lady who sells my jewellery in her shop has already asked me to start taking some Christmas stock in within the next few weeks - she says wants approx 100 pieces 9normally stocks approx 25) over the next couple of months. I'm not moaning, but bang goes my telly viewing for the forseeable...

              I do love Christmas (although I'm not actually Christian) - I like the time away from work to spend catching up with family & friends who I might not have seen for a while.

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                Looking for a few stalls for a fair at Knowlsey Hall, Merseyside on Sunday 30 November - £20 per stall and it's linked to the RNLI Reindeer Run so there will be about 800 people on site on the day. Email [email protected] for more details!



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                  Christmas here I come!

                  I love Christmas! It's my favourite time of year and can't wait to get down to spend time with my family and friends.

                  I haven't managed to book a fair yet but I do have 2 jewellery parties booked in November with Christmas presents in mind.

                  My 2nd one is going to have a real Christmas feel and I'm going to decorate my table accordingly and we are having mince pies and mulled wine.

                  Hopefully getting everyone in the Christmas mood will loosen some purse strings!

                  I have made a promise that I am going to try and buy all of my presents from fellow crafters and steer clear of the usual Body Shop smellies.


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                    I shall be doing a couple of fairs at the end of November and in December they will be my first proper craft fairs (I have previously done school Christmas fundraisers). I am really looking forward to it. Christmas is a wonderful time of year (if you don't let it get to you!)


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                      i love xmas, shopping, cooking, cleaning, wrapping, family arguments, great lol, not really, but others compalin of it.

                      I cant wait to get the carrot out for rudolph and cake for santa. Not a big church goer, but have to go midnight mass to start it of. Nothing like a good loud 'o come oll ye faithful'

                      i tend to slow down with fairs neatr xmas as not many people buy cards where i go. I've made about 60 to sell and thats it.



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                        I love Christmas and have a few fairs booked already plus a friend and i are planning to hold a craft fair as well fingers crossed we can get it sorted out !!

                        Im also going to either make or buy handmade gifts this year as much as possible !!
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                          I have one here in leicester in nov.
                          one in lincoln in october and one at the same time as the xmas market in lincoln in dec!! I hope it will get the passing trade!

                          I'm not sure i should make bags with a xmas flavour though, maybe just the colours!!!
                          Dee x
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                            I have 2 fairs in November,but none in December ,I was trying to book one locally to me but as I'm normally so rushed off my feet in Dec probably best I don't.
                            I love Christmas , and can normally be found rushing round the shops like a madwoman fretting I don't have enough wrapping paper/cards/gift tags etc....
                            I did start early this year and bought my cards in the Jan sales , I just have to remember where I stored them now !, and I have already bought a few presents from the various craft fairs I've been to
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                              I really like the "getting ready" for Christmas! Making things, making things to sell and to give, making puddings etc,

                              I`m probably doing a couple of fairs this year but I`m going to soak up the atmosphere rather than expecting to make money. If I do make money I`ll be even more into the Christmas spirit!

                              I`m not a fan of shops to be honest and will roam unusual fairs and markets for gifts or make them myself.

                              I also really hate Christmas lists!