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Grrrrr - craft fair (dis) organiser!!!

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  • Grrrrr - craft fair (dis) organiser!!!

    Sorry - just having a rant here - and also seeing if anyone has come across this situation before.

    Quite a few months ago I was given the number of the organiser of a local rural market to try to get a stall for an event yesterday, and she said yes she thought so, took my name & phone number and said she would call me nearer to the time with details, prices, times etc as when I spoke to her she was in a rush. I (stupidly) didn't save her number in my phone so couldn't contact her again. I wasn't too concerned that I hadn't heard from her, as the fair is apparently over subscribed for jewellery so I thought she must have booked someone else.

    Yesterday at 10am she called me to ask why I hadn't turned up at the fair!! I explained to her that I hadn't heard back from her about booking etc, and she said that as far as she was concerned, my inital call had been the confirmation of booking and I should have been there at 9 to set up and I had let her down. I had no idea of the start time etc, as our initial conversation had only lasted about 30 seconds. I couldn't go at the last minute either, as we had family round for lunch.

    I have just found out today that she told almost anyone who would listen at the fair that 'that Lady Luck jewellery is really unreliable - she was booked to come today but couldn't be bothered'. Now my name is probably mud amongst crafters and customers in our local area - I really feel like giving up

    I've only done a few fairs, so does anyone know if this way of 'booking' is normal and I am really the one in the wrong, as for the few I have done, I've had to send off a booking form and cheque in advance.

    Sorry for the rant guys - just having a bad weekend.

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    She said she would "call you nearer the time" and then didn't so it's her fault you didn't have any details. She also obviously didn't send you any kind of booking confirmation or ask for deposit/table money or provide you with any details about the day. How on earth can she be surprised you weren't there?

    FWIW I have only ever done craft fairs where I've booked in advance and had some sort of confirmation in writing (either email or letter). I've had one expereince of total disporganisation - being told I had to arrive at 9am to be ready for 10am and it turned out it didn't start until 12.30pm but luckily they also changed it from being £10 a table to being free so I couldn't complain too much!

    I know there's not much you can do about her having already told people you didn't turn up and let her down but if it was me I think I'd be sending her a letter detailing how disappointed you are that she failed to get back to you as promised and confirm a booking or provide you with details of the fair and that if she continues to tell people you "failed to turn up" (to the fair she didn't tell you you could exhibit at) then you will be seeking legal advice for her slanderous remarks.


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      Oh and meant to say, don't give up because one person is [email protected] at organising herself , it'll be her that ends up with the bad rep.


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        Well that is no way to organise a craft fair. The onus was on her to get back to you to confirm acceptance and give you further details. Don't be too downhearted, I'm sure others there realised how disorganised this person was and won't take too much notice of her criticism of you. Put it down to experience and move on to the next one!


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          Sorry you have had a bad weekend Claire, sounds to me like its totally her fault. I would have thought it very bad manners of her not to get back to you in the first place but to then slag you off is just not right. I think I would send a letter as suggested, she has no right to be telling people that. Keep your chin up, Selina


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            No that is not the way to deal with bookings!!! I am organising a craft fair and when people enquired about space I first checked what they did, whether I was having duplication (having allowed some overlap) and asked for pictures by e-mail. Then if they were interested having been told the cost etc I e-mailed a booking form. When the booking form and cheque was received, then I confirmed I had received it, their booking was confirmed and I have kept in touch with stall holders along the way. Two e-mails over the last few weeks just confirming everything like setting up times etc etc etc. Are you supposed to have a crystal ball amongst your jewellery?!

            Don't be put off, I should steer clear of that organiser in future.


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              what a terrible way to organise any type of event !!

              As stallholders we rely on our organizers to tell us the details,and as for her slandering your name to the other people just isn't on.

              As the others have said don't give up she was just a terrible organizer,as Selina suggested get in touch with her and tell her how disappointed you were with her communications and how upset you are that she felt the need to put you down to others ,and you will not be recommending her to anybody else on the large crafting community website you use

              Might make her buck her organizing skills up a tad if she thinks she is now the one being spoken about and stop it happening to somebody else
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                OMG that's just awful

                Do you know anyone else who exhibits at that fair too? Maybe you could get them to let the other stall holders know the full story at the next fair. Don't know what you can do about any potential customers she bad mouthed you to though, if you've got a section on your website listing which craft fairs you will be attending perhaps you can put a note up saying something along the lines of 'I'm sorry I missed you all at the xyz fair but due to a lack of communication from the organiser I was unaware a stall had been reserved for me'

                Or just make up a voodoo doll of her and stick loads of pins in it
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                  That's really bad. I agree with the suggestion of writing her a letter and about warning her regarding her slanderous remarks too. Putting something on your website/blog is a good idea too, to let people know exactly what happened.
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                    Or just make up a voodoo doll of her and stick loads of pins in it
                    That made me laugh! Sorry to hear of your bad expereince.

                    I did a gala festival in a village near where I live which seemed to be badly organised. There was 2 of everything at least!! And to make matters worse I had chosen not to be in the craft tent as it was cheaper and a lady thats a face painter came and insisted that she set up next to me although i was told she was ment to be the other side of the bouncy castle. I have nothing against face painters its just that when she got busy loads of people stood in front of my stall and that ment passers by couldnt see me or what I had to offer so i was angry as I didnt manage to take the money I needed to cober the cost of the stall.


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                      Ohhh....don't give up adyluckjewellery



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                        No, certainly don't give up. That is not the way to organise a fair, and certainly isn't the way to confirm a booking. She didn't even give you any details of time, cost, or facilities!

                        I think craftynclothy's ideas are pretty sound if you are really concerned about this.


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                          Crikey - I didn't expect such a response - I do feel a lot better though. THANK YOU everyone for cheering me up

                          Thanks for some of the suggestions - I hadn't thought of writing to her (I don't have her address but I'm sure I can find it somehow) and the idea of putting a note on my website as I do have a news / fairs section so at least some people might see that it wasn't my fault.

                          I'm quite liking the voodoo idea too

                          I think in future, if a craft fair organiser doesn't at least ask for / send out some sort of written conformation then I'm not going to book, as this kind of confusion can be caused all too easily.

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                            even if she did count that phone call as a firm booking, (which she shouldnt have by the sound of it!), she should have rang you sometime in the last week to double check all the arangements with you!
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                              Doesn't sound good to me. Even the smallest school fairs ask you to fill in a form and send the booking fee in advance (unless you are in close touch with the organiser!). She was prob blaming you to the others as she was covering her own back (knowing that she is the guilty party) - it never looks good when you have an empty table or big gap at your fair.

                              Do you know anyone that attended either as a seller or buyer. Just be interested to see if anyone thought the event was a success?

                              I shouldnt worry about your name being mud! People don't remember and most know that there is always 2 sides to every story.

                              Claire x