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  • Help! First craft fair!

    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone help me out by giving me some advice? I have just signed up for my first craft fair in the Christmas season to sell my handmade beaded jewellery and accessories. This will be my first and i'm panicking a little as i'm not sure how much stock i will need for a fairly busy christmas craft fair at a local rugby club? Can anyone advise me on how much stock they take with them to an event like this and how much they might sell if its busy or quiet? I just want to be prepared and don't want to under stock!



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    totally depends on your style, how big your items are, what your display will be like, how big is your table etc, what your variety is .....

    Roughly I would say take about 30 items, if you sell them all you will have done well.


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      that sounded wrong, 30 items would be a lot to sell. But 30 items shuold cover a normal sized table well, depending of course on your layoiut. Expect to sell maybe 10.


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        you can take as much as you like, dont over fill your stall, re-stock when you sell a product, and when anyone looks interested just politely mention that you have other stock available with you but havent got the room to put it put if they want ot have a look



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          Just the thread I wanted to read! I'm also looking into craft fairs but I'm scared!

          I do a bit of everything, some knitted items, some sewing, some jewellery, some cards. I was wondering if I will struggle to be accepted into one if they specify they only have one table of each craft, and also (this might be just a bit cowardly) if anyone has found the other sellers to be unfriendly towards a newbie.

          Hope you dont mind me asking questions too, I thought it might be relevant rather than cluttering up the boards with the same thread title
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            There are lots of older threads too with loads of advice on first craft fair, setting up etc etc if you do a search. Lots of helpful information on those.


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              Can you ask how many people they had through the door same time last year. I'd say you want to show as many as you can and need to think about your display. Try this at home a couple of time, this will make you a lot more relax when you get there if you know how to set up beforehand, and help you in case of ''unforeseen''.

              Make lots of earrings, hang them on glass rims, cheap stuff will go if anything else doesn't. Also a few keyrings and phone charms.

              You could invest in 2 or 3 busts to show off your most striking pieces and maybe the rest in open boxes.
              I was next to a stall a few months ago and everything was boxed which meant it was quick to wrap (simply close the box!), looked professional and she fitted lots on the table, giving the customer plenty of choice. Now there are many different ways to set up your table and this is only one suggestion!

              Most stallholders are friendly, I wouldn't worry about that. I you're busy you won't have time to chat, fingers crossed!
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                I agree with Bea, defnitely take lots of smaller items. i found these sell best as people don't carry a great deal of cash with them and/or don't go to craf fairs looking to spend a bit amount on larger pieces of jewellery.

                At my recent stalls I found that my earrings and magnets sold best. All the bigger items sold were a bonus but definitely not as many.

                And take a level headed friend to help you out while you quietly freak out. Helped me out a load!

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                  Thanks for all your advice! It is very nerve racking to be a first timer and its really great to hear some tips from people who have been doing craft fairs for a while. Will be having some trial runs at home to see how best to display stuff as suggested. Wish me luck! i'll let you all know how i get on!!


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                    Test your display first and don't put out too much stock, this way customers are not overwhelmed by the quantity. Once sold replace with the same or similar.
                    Yous can always take orders on the day if someone wnats tow or three of an item. Make sure you take an order book, business cards and also 50% deposit (non-refundable) on any orders, this way if they change their minds you have not lost out. I think it also sorts out the genuine orders from the ones that do it just for the sake of it. I had this happen to me once and never again, custom ordered and never took phone calls once complete etc, found out after wards that this customer frequently does this. Luckily I would not deliver without payment in cleared funds, otherwise would have lost money.

                    Just relax and enjoy