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  • Permanent Craft Market

    We are proposing having a MONTHLY Craft Market on the first Saturday/Sunday in each Month during September, October and November, hopefully December as well.

    To be able to do this we need reliable and friendly Crafters to commit to the three months trial period.

    For either Saturday's, Sunday's or the full weekends.

    If customers/visitors know the same people will be there every month they will come back time and again for the Craft/s that have taken their attention.

    This will encourage more custom into the Mill/Fairs as the reputation grows.

    We are prepared to offer this trial for £20.00 per Crafter for the three months. That makes it £6.66 a table per day each month. Therefore restricting losses if any to a minimum.. If you sign up for both days per month this charge will drop to £5.00 per table .

    i.e. £20.00 for the Sundays £20.00 for the Saturdays or £30.00 for the full three weekends.

    We really require 20 permanent Crafters per day to make this work.

    All monies taken will be used for....

    More Signs
    Better Directional signs etc

    If after the three months we have made no headway then we have at least tried.

    I think you would agree that a Central Permanent Craft Centre in Stockport would be a fantastic idea.

    Surrounded by the small traders in the Shopping Village it would hopefully encourage new traders to set up permanent shops.

    We have heard that the Reddish Canal is to be re-opened and become a centre similar to Salford Keys.

    If we had a thriving Craft Centre & Shopping Village it would make a fantastic Family orientated attraction that could more than rival Botany Bay.

    Perhaps you are now thinking that I live in a dream world, well yes maybe your right, but when my mother was alive she used to always say something to me that has never left me, these few words.

    Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
    You have to speculate to accumulate.

    I want to venture and gain, and I am willing to speculate to accumulate, but I cannot do it alone.

    The one thing I MUST stipulate is that our Craft Market is for HAND CRAFTED ITEMS ONLY and this means hand made by ourselves not by some unfortunate soul in a sweat shop abroad.

    Please give this your consideration and who knows, you may be in at the beginning of something fantastic.

    If you are interested, please email me and I will forward a new booking form/commitment sheet [email protected]

    Light and Love as always

    A craft Fair is being held on the 26th March 2006 in Stockport this is a very wide range of crafts including Pagan/Wiccan etc for more details email [email protected] and more information will be sent

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    I'd be interested in this. I've sent you a PM Sandra.

    Soaps and Stuff 'Handmade With Care' by Me