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    hi all, just a quick question really, how are you getting on at the fairs you're attending. I'm not due to go to one until Nov but just wondered if it's good or bad out there. Have read a few in the past & it doesn't seem to be looking good. Does anyone have good sales on the web selling sites, just wondered & just to throw this in, aren't we doing well in the Olympic Games.
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    Well so far I've only done 2 fairs - one was badly organised and the weather was diabolical (everyone went home an hour and a half after it started cos t was sooooo bad) but it was free and I took £8 so in that sense it went ok.

    The other one I pretty much broke even and was happy with that, particularly because it was an indoor fair and the weather was gorgeous so hardly anyone was wanting to come indoors (typical british weather, eh??? )

    Web wise - sales seem to be up and down, one minute nothing is selling and the next I'm getting lots of sales. I'm sure I'd be selling more if I wasn't so busy making for craft fairs I've got coming up and spending more time advertising/promoting!


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      I've done quite a few this year , 3 this month and this month has been the slowest month yet.
      I don't know if it's the recession and people are saving their money or the weather or what ( maybe it's my pieces they don't like,lol) , but on the whole I've done very well this year, some fairs I cover my table and make a small profit ,some i've come away a very happy bunny.
      I hope it picks up soon as people start to think about buying early for Christmas.
      But saying that I love doing craft fairs and can't wait till the next one
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        Craft Fairs

        I've done alot of fairs over the last few months and can say that I've done really well. This is mainly because no one else in my area is selling the same as me - I seem to have the monopoly (as someone mentioned earlier). This is great for me of course, but I think with all fairs it depends what you sell, clientelle, area etc.

        I have done alot of outdoor events where there has been 100's and 1000's of people, as opposed to smaller craft fairs.

        I'm lucky in my area as there are lots of higland games and regatta type events to attend.

        I have heard from many traders and crafters at events say that selling is slow - people don't have the money.

        I find also I talk alot to people and build a rapport (I don't do hard sales!) and tell them how a piece is made, what the material is etc.

        I did have one very rude man at the weekend, he said to his wife/partner "don't bother in there, is full of rubbish" as he walked passed the gazebo. Whagt cheek. Unfortunately you will get the odd grump, but generally people are good.

        Good luck with yours. Hope you do well.
        Take care

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          I've done afew this year, not as good as it normally is. I tihnk we have to choose carefully where we go and try to pick places that possibly arent feeling the crunch. Good luck


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            We tried to get into the craft fair scene a few years ago and didn't manage it for various reasons (booked up, too many jewellery, not what we're looking for, fees too high etc). In the end we gave up trying and decided to go with a regular market stall which is just about beginning to pay.

            Having visited several fairs as a customer I'm really glad we don't do them cos all the traders I've talked to have said how slow the sales are.

            Visited one today where there were 2 of the forum members who were both a little disappointed and with good reason . . . . . they were literally 2 yeards away from each other with another table right next to them and all were selling jewellery. In fairness, all 3 styles were different but why didn't the organisers think about what they're doing and try to split them up a bit. The marquee that they were in was big enough for them to have been spread out so why were they all together.

            BTW - it was great to meet up with forum members and chat. I love being able to put names to faces. It was a pleasure meeting you both today, Hils and Chris (although I have met Chris before). Here's hoping to a successful business venture.
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