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Fete and Craft Fair - Eastwell, Leics this Saturday

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  • Fete and Craft Fair - Eastwell, Leics this Saturday

    Hi everyone
    A reminder that, if you have time, Eastwell Fete and Craft Fair is happening this Saturday, 16 August and will be well worth a visit (11am - 5pm).
    Eastwell is a small village in the Vale of Belvoir between Melton Mowbray (Leics.) and Grantham (Lincs.) There will be an art exhibition, all day entertainments, village stalls, and quite a few crafters from this site have booked pitches in the craft fair.
    Hope to see you there - any queries, please log here, or PM me
    Best wishes

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    Hope you all have a really good day!
    Such a shame I can't be there - would have loved to meet some of you and do a stall - next time maybe
    Cathy xx
    I don't have a short attention span, I ... Ooh look, there's a chicken!


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      Eastwell fete was a really nice event, lots to do and see! The shows were really good too - the falconery people (i forget the name) did a great demo and got the kids involved nicely - true practical educational entertainment! The dako's flying angels were fab too, jumping around so energically, looking so effortless as they spin and somersault over and on and through.. amazing cheographics!!!
      There was also some gorgeous art work inside the church, and some unusual and not so unusual animals, reptiles, birds and insects.. first time I've seen a gopher I think!
      This was the first time I have ever 'stood' as a craft stall, and I had a good plot even with the overfriendly tree! I couldn't fit a gazebo in if I'd wanted to because of the tree but the weather held off so it was fine.
      I was hoping to sell more toys then I did, but I think there was so much to do and spend your money on that it was a little slow.. All the people who stopped at my stall were very positive about the stuff I had to sell, and I felt quite encouraged. I understand that its usual to break even or sometimes make a loss at your first event so I was delighted to discover after totting up at home I was infact a little up.. not alot I have to admit, but still a profit! Going on holiday tomorrow so anything helps :P
      I was surprised that there wasn't more british truely handmade homemade stuff there. As there was a number of plots allocated to 'craft stalls' I did expect more. I was quite shocked to discover that a couple of the stalls that looked like they sold own handcrafted stuff were selling items they had imported and I felt it was very misleading. Had I been a customer I would assume they were homemade handcrafted.. not handmade cheaply in a factory somewhere in china or india. If they were clearly labelled as such and not appearing to be a home crafted stall I'd be happier (tho less likely to buy).
      If I do another craft stall I think I'll need to diversify to catch more interest. My sisters suggested cat toys as they say if youre not a dog person youre a cat person... so after holidays I guess I'd off to design some new products... wish me luck and inspiration!!
      Thanks for looking after me Stella and the rest of the organisers (I forget names I apologise)
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        I am afraid you will get used to the fact that the word craft is often used loosely and people seem to think that as long as someone has made it (wherever they may be) they can call it a craft and not mention that it was someone else's work. That is why I always make a point when people look at my cards of saying that I make them and I do the photography. People look at things in a different way then. Several "craft" fairs with Phoenix Cards teach you to speak up for your craft!!

        Glad you had a good day.


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          Eastwell fete & Craft Fair

          Thanks for your kind comments about the day, Marie.
          As organisers, we're always happy to receive feedback about how we can improve ..... and I take on board your feelings about the pitch (the rogue tree) and genuine crafters v bought-in goods.
          When people booked in, I asked whether their goods were hand made - but perhaps there is a differently phrased question I should ask to differentiate between people who create and make their goods, and those who buy them in?
          We also debated the question of keeping all crafters together .... or spreading them amongst truly commercial pitches (selling food, plants etc.) so that card/jewellery/paintings stalls were not next door to one another. We'd welcome views from crafters on this one.

          Hope to make the fete an even better day for crafters next year.


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            i had areally good day again this year. Will be back for next year. Weather stayed fine, i was under the 'rogue tree' but didnt alter my takings in the slightest. i think the entertainment could have been better this year, not as good as previous years though. Dako's never cease to amaze me.