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Ideas please....i need some help.

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  • Ideas please....i need some help.

    I organise about 2 craft fairs a year in my local area. I always advertise well and always get a good turn out of people through the doors.
    Last year at my christmas craft fair, lots of people came but no children, and i had father christmas hanging around doing nothing. I want to try and get the children from the local school to come and bring their parents, but i'm stuck on how.

    I thought of a painting competiton, but then i'm going to have problems hanging them all up...... I would like something crafty if i can.

    Any ideas?????

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    Fancy dress?

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      Have you advertised the fairs at the school? Or maybe give flyers out at the school gates?
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        Just advertise Santa! All kids love Santa!


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          I recently went to a fun day where they had a photographer. He could print photos there and then and they were v reasonably priced. (I believe they also attend events for free). Perhaps then you'd encourage parents to bring their children.

          Also lucky dip tubs, tombola type things are often popular. Could you get a face painter?

          I think your idea of a crafty competition is good - could you maybe do a theme rather than a particular craft iyswim (so you'd get things other than paintings?) and could maybe put some on a table.


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            Thanks for replies so far. Definately a tombola as that went well last year...

            The fancy dress idea is worth thinking about. Santa was advertised last year, but maybe not enough...

            The photographer sounds great, although i must check with the school to see what time of year they have theirs in.I'll look into that one

            Craft theme is a good idea too. Keep them coming....
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              Keeping with the craft idea..

              you could have a best decorated hat competition


              best dressed teddy competition

              a spare table and a willing volunteer to take down names is all you will need , plus a prize,lol
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                How about a Christmas decoration competition? You can get polystyrene or paper mache spheres or stars quite cheap and get the teachers at school to hand them out to all the kids a few weeks before the fair along with info on the competition.
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                  Have you checked with the other stall holders what their ideas may be. One thing I have found is to get a happy medium as sometimes if too much emphasis is put on the children's entertainment, the parents come and spend for them to have face painting etc but do not even bother with the craft stalls.

                  Generally crafter's are happy with some compromise but it is getting it right so that they also sell. This is why I never do fetes as there are too many activities and on attending before the parents come up and compliment the crafter's on their products but say they do not have any money left as they have spent it all on entertainment for the kids.

                  I will probably be shot down in flames for this but I am talking of over 30 years experience of events. This is not something I have found out lightly, I also do not attend school events. My networking group all feel the same and feel that it should be tempered towards what the event actually is.

                  I attend a local Christmas Gift Fair and Santa comes in and walks around talks to the children, they have their photo taken but it is FOC but it is at the end of the day a craft and gift fair.


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                    As someone that works in a children's centre I think something crafty would be great, especially if you can get the entries displayed because all parents like to see their children's work on the wall (or table for that matter)

                    I've also been to a fair which had a photographer, he only charged £5 for a print and he was busy all day. If you could get someone to do photo's close to that price you'd probably attract quite a lot of families with children because they make excellent presents for Grandparents!

                    I hope it goes well for you



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                      Sorry to be a party pooper but I wouldn't take kids to a craft fair I would want to look at the stalls in peace. Sometimes it's the only times mums get a bit of peace. plus I'd be scared of the little darlings spoiling the stock with sticky fingers.
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                        you do have a point...maybe that is why there never seems to be many children there.
                        However i do like the christmas decoration idea!!!!!
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                          I organised a fair last and as I have two young children and work in preschool I am really aware of keeping children occupied. I held a craft workshop...which consisted of a lady who does pottery painting and a local toy shop doing a sticking activity (hats) for about 50p. I also allowed the toy shop to display items for sale. I was lucky in that my venue had a small room attached to main hall that I could use at no extra cost. I included this in all my publicity.
                          It did really well and I am doing the same again this year!


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                            Craft fair ?

                            When I visit I like to know what it is I am attending - sorry, but it's all very well having areas set aside for children to be entertained but what about the genuine craft fair visitor who expects to see hand made crafts. Also please consider the exhibitor who has paid to be there to sell their work and whithout whom there would be no event!


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                              You can also offer free craft lessons for kids. Parents will definitely like that, will bring their kids and probably participate as well.