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Guildhall in York - Any Good??

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  • Guildhall in York - Any Good??

    Hi everyone

    I'd like some advice if anyone could offer it....

    I've psyched myself up to go ahead with my first craft fair (jewellery), at the bargain price of £22 per day for a 6ft stall, at The Guildhall in York. However, does anyone know how good this place is? York is very touristy, and I've booked to attend on the Saturday (it's a 4 day event but I thought I'd start with just one day!) so in theory, its the busiest day of the week which surely counts for something?

    Anyone used this location or attended a craft fair here? The organiser has told me there are 4 other jewellery stalls booked. Which I was worried about, but don't most craft fairs have lots of jewellery stalls? I can't expect to attend a fair and be the only jewellery person, can I??

    Many thanks,

    Sarah x