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  • Wedding Fair help

    Hi, I want to organise a wedding fair in my town in Feb or March next year. I have attended craft fairs both as an exhibitor and a customer but never organised one before. I would like to ask local florists, hairdressers, car hire firms etc to attend. I spe******e in handmade wedding stationery so would be involved as well as organising the event. Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

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    Can't really offer any advice but good luck with organising your event.
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      I cant help either but wanted to wish you good luck.

      There are a few craft fair organisers on the forum so I'm sure you'll get some help from them.

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        Fair Do has some articles on his site about organising craft fairs and I am sure there are some other threads here about the same. I am in the process of organising one at present and if I can help at all with advice I will. Better wait until after the event and see how it went before I pass on that advice!!!! Any specific questions though do please throw them out. Get started as soon as possible though because it is easier to get organised with a good length of time in front of you - more thinking time to get it right. I have not attended or been involved with a wedding fayre at all, so can't help on that score, but I am sure there are those who can. Good luck.


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          I do organise craft fairs but nothing like a wedding one so not really much help am i lol.

          How many stalls are you going to have could you have m ore then 1 of each sort as i find that best at wedding fairs

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            I remember going to a couple of wedding fairs and was a little disappointed that they only had 1 company from each thing you'd need for a wedding (1 florist, 1 cake decorator, 1 invite maker, 1 dress seller etc), so if you could get more than one of each then that would be better, and if you have somewhere with plenty of outside space so wedding car people can park up a few examples of their cars for hire that is also helpful (one wedding fair I attended only had one car parked outside in a dark and dingy location!). Other than that I can't be of much help.
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              Re Wedding Fairs

              Generally wedding fairs do not sell product on the day but offer samples etc for potential clients to take away. I have done one which cost abouts £90.00 but with the no sale rule was not fruitful enough. Have you thought of going to one or two first and see what is out there also to take some printed leaflets about your own fair, that way you may pick up some exhibitors.

              Good Luck


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                Thank you for the suggestions.
                I have been doing research this week and I think I will just do a couple of wedding fairs myself as most of the decent venues nearby already host their own fairs. I was looking at useing the community hall which is central to the town and cheap but it is very dingy (sp?).