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  • Where are you this weekend?

    Good luck to all of you who are doing Fairs this weekend. Hope they go well !.

    I'm at Coniston Country Show, hopefully the weather will be a bit better - its done nothing but rain here for a week!
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    I'm not going to a show but good luck with yours!!!!! I am going over to my son's and his lady as it is her 12 year old son's birthday and we are partying!!!!!! That will be good fun! Only setback is that they are 2hours from us!!!!! Sue xx


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      I'm in Bakewell in Derbyshire this weekend at the Bridage Hall, it's lovely friendly place.
      Good luck to everybody who is attending a craft fair this weekend and lets keep our fingers crossed for a bit of sun to draw people out
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        I don't do fairs - going to a birthday party but wish everyone the very best of luck and will keep my fingers crossed for good weather.
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          I'll be at home for most of the time. I'll watch the F1 quali on Saturday and then the race on Sunday. We'll be going out for a meal with my Mum & my OH's Dad & step Mum. Finally, we'll be trying to design a piece of furniture for our kitchen, as well as trying to design the kitchen! We want it all handmade, so, I think it will be a bit of a long slog!!

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            A weekend off for me. I have done stalls two weekends running, so it will be nice to relax - it would be even nicer if the weather would improve. Good luck to everyone doings fairs.


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              This weekend I'm off to a wedding, then on Sunday we're camping in Cheltenham, so if anyone's got any fairs going around there, let me know!

              Last weekend I was in Kilburn, so this weekend will be a bit of a rest! In a couple of weeks I'm in Goathland village hall (North Yorks) on the Saturday, so this weekend is going to be spent catching my breath and thinking about some new lines...

              Good luck to all those with crafty stalls this weekend. May the weekend bring you health, wealth and happiness!


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                Im off to buy a gazebo so i can do some fairs even if it looks like rain !!
                I also have a stack of teacher gifts to make for next week !

                Good luck to everyone doing a fair this weekend
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                  i've beeb in ballymena all day and back tomorrow at the steam engine rally hope the rain stays away
                  while i knit i think




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                    to everyone working the fairs this weekend - lets hope the weather doesn't spoil things for you.

                    I work every saturday on Bury Market so no change for me then. But I've already bought my vodka for the night time . . . . . . just in case my cenosillicaphobia kicks in again!!

                    and half of sunday will be spent sleeping and the other half watching a whole weeks worth of Big Brother in one sitting but whilst doing that I have to get crafty cos I've not done much this week except for 2 commissions that should have been done 2 weeks ago.
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                      Good luck to everyone whose doing a fair. I haven't booked anymore fairs yet for this year.

                      At the moment I keep thinking 'what's the point of making loads of things and then they don't sell'. I think I've lost a bit of enthusiasm. Hopefully it will return soon.

                      Hope everyone has a great day!


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