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Help, please - do crafters need liability insurance?

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  • Help, please - do crafters need liability insurance?

    I wonder whether anyone out there can help with a question one of your crafters has asked us.
    We organise an annual village fete & craft fair in Eastwell (Leicestershire) and we always have public liability insurance for the fete.
    The crafter has asked whether she needs her own liability insurance? ......... and we don't know the answer!
    We know that the entertainers who visit us (archers, acrobats etc.) have their own insurance - but what about crafters?
    We'd appreciate your knowledge and advice

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    I have always been told, by craft fair organisers, that I must have my own insurance. To be honest, I think it's better to be safe than sorry and I feel it's a reasonable request.

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      I have always had my own insurance, some organizers ask if I have,many don't but I always mention I have on the first contact when I am trying to book a table/space at any craft fair.
      To be honest £45 for peace of mind is well worth it
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        It's best from the crafters point of view to have their own insurance...
        e.g. somone trips over the tablecloth draped over their stall.
        The craft fairs insurers refuse payment because a proper H&S assesment hadn't been done (small print but it happens) the crafter then faces
        personal liability.
        Sad but true that we now have to think of these things....
        (aaah I remeber the times that the person who tripped would be the one
        to apologise AND pay for any breakages!)
        Nic x
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          When I was researching possible craft fairs I noticed several requested that the crafter have their own public liability insurance. Can anyone recommend any insurance companies that offer it? I wouldn't know where to start looking!
          Cathy xx

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            There's quite a few older threads on the issue of public liability insurance for crafters if you use the Search function. I'm sure the most popular companies are usually CMTIA (Combined Market Traders Insurance Association or similar) and GW Imber (I may have spelt that one wrong!)

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              Hi i never gave public liabilty insurance another thought until this year when i was trying to book a craft fair and i was told i needed it ! some one from on here recommended ian wallace .......... and i go thro them
              also i am organising a craft fair for oct and the ppl who i am hiring the hall from have told me the stall holders need there own insurance .....dnt know if this helps but i hope it does
              wendy xx
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                thank you

                Thank you for your replies and links - all very helpful and have given us the clarity we needed.
                We still have a few pitches left for the fete & craft fair (16 August at Eastwell, Leics) although I'm afraid we're full for jewellers and card makers.
                (you can tell I'm an organiser-type-person not an artistic crafts-type-person, can't you, because my posts look SO BORING beside all the others!)
                Thanks again