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Advice on Pitstone craft fair?

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  • Advice on Pitstone craft fair?

    Hi everyone!
    I'm very new on here. I just wanted to know if anyone has done a stall at Pitsones monthly craft fair before and if it was worth going? I sell charms on clips (rather then clasps) and extras to add them to such as keyrings and chains. I sell these for between 50p and £2 per item. I have made rather good sales at 3 fetes now and know my items have a market - they are aimed at a younger market with prices suitable for young children to buy with their pocket money or for young teens to add to the accesories. Do you think these will sell at Pitstone?

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    to the forum. I can't help I'm afraid, I don't even know where Pitstone is! but hopefully someone will be along who can, Selina


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      Thanks! I just notice the only mentions from Pitstone on here were not great... one person claimed not to have ebven covered her stall cpst another sold only 1 pair of earrings but they said another stall holder made £300+ My parents have been before and said it was very empty.


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        Craft fairs and sales vary greatly , some days you can sell loads , other days maybe one or two things ..sadly this is the name of the game when you are a crafter at these events, you pay your money and take your chance. Even the best organizer or crafter cannot force anybody to buy.

        Maybe you could pop along to the event and chat to the crafters, see who do a regular slot ,see which crafters are busy and those that are not,also take time to look at the people who are coming through the door ,knowing your buyers is a great help.

        Good luck whatever you decide to do, I love doing craft fairs and even when I only ever cover the cost of my table I think " well it beats being at home doing the ironing",lol
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