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Looking for craft fairs in Berkshire

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  • Looking for craft fairs in Berkshire

    Hi all
    I am helping my sister get started with selling her fab Fimo models. So far I haven't had much luck finding many fairs or fetes in the Berkshire area (where we live). Does anybody have any suggestions of where we could find details? Also, how could she go about getting her name and work known so that people come to her to hold a stall?

    Thanks very much!

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    Hi csister! There's a couple of jewellers locally who attend just about every craft fair going in the Reading and surrounding areas - bit naughty I know, but on otheir website (they're called Rainbow Jewellery) they have a list of events they will be attending so you could take a peek at that and see where they will be next - hopefully this link will work for you!
    I've seen the ladies that run this at just about every event locally I've been to over the past couple of years and they seem to do very well.
    Alternatively, I'm opening a shop in Tadley and looking for crafters who want to sell their goods - you can download a pdf from my website to see if it's the sort of thing you might be interested in!

    Find us on Facebook!/p...y/173605348873

    Crafters DON'T do housework!


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      Thanks for the tips, doodles! I will check these out. I'll pass the details of your shop to my sister and get her to send you a form if she wants more info.

      Good luck with the shop launch!


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        Wokingham has been having a craft fair once a month.Try contacting WOkingham Standard paper.

        Poisoned Apple Theatre - Handmade Crafts on Facebook


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          Thanks for this - I've been in touch with the Wokingham Arts Forum and they've sent us through the details.


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            Craft Fairs - Berkshire

            St Barts in Reading have a craft fair on the 9th November. Tables are £35 but they do have apparently have a large crowd and they certainly have lots of tables.

            Might see you there