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Arts and Craft positions available on Bromley High Street (South London)

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  • Arts and Craft positions available on Bromley High Street (South London)

    Hi folks - I'm pleased to announce that we are in discussions with the landlord of a property on Bromley High Street and intend to open that property as an Arts and Craft Bazaar with positions available to you at a cost of £30 - £40 per day - depending on the position within the property.

    Bromley is a modern busy town with a large pedestrianised town centre, and our property is nicely placed within that area. Nearby shops include to Evans Ladies Wear, Pret a Manger, Boots, Oasis Ladies Wear, Gap, H&M, Maplin, Boots, KFC, The Pier.

    You can book a position for a day, on a first come first served basis or if you wish to take full advantage, you may wish to book for a week or longer. Whatever booking period you decide, that is up to you.

    The timetable is tight, and we would be looking to open the property in two or three weeks.

    I would like to know if you would be interested in taking up a position in this property, and if so what days, generally, are you likely to be interested i.e weekends only, week days only or both (weekends & week days).

    This really is an excellent opportunity to be able to sell your goods on a thriving high street and would urge you to take advantage of the property whilst it is available to us. Please register via my web site if you are interested.

    PS Please note that we are still investigating other properties in Kent, Essex and London and we will be setting up a brand new arts and craft market in Wickford, Essex in the very near future.
    Arts and Craft positions in Kent, Essex and London

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    I actually live in Bromley and am very interested in this.

    Please let me have further details

    A Ford


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      Don't suppose you would consider doing the same up here in the Midlands??!


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        interested in essex


        Just visited your site and registered there. I would be interested in Wickford site and would like more details if poss.



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          Arts and Crafts in Bromley and Wickford

          Hi folks - I think that I spoken separately to the two ladies interested in the Bromley position and the Wickford market but will fill in for others browsing this thread.

          The Wickford Essex art and craft has been agreed and is on, but I'm still waiting final details from the landlord - who is still in discussion with the council. (Red tape basically).

          The Bromley position is not looking good. I sent out 1500 emails and posted this thread and as of this evening I've had 15 replies saying that they are interested. Unfortunately this isn't sufficient interest to enable me to pay out a large sum of money to take on the property. So... disappointingly, it looks like I'll have to withdraw. I'd certainly invite comments as to why crafters may be reluctant to take up the opportunity of a prime retail outlet (on a daily basis) though. I honestly thought that this position would be snapped up. Oh well .

          Tomorrow I'm checking out a property in Chelmsford and one in Brentwood - it's early days, but maybe one of those may come up for me - in which case I'll be posting details asap.

          I'm afraid that I have to limit my property taking to Kent, Essex and London for the time being, but if anyone has any suggestions on busy, well to do high streets in those areas please let me know and I'll happily investigate the possibilities.

          Onwards and upwards,

          Arts and Craft positions in Kent, Essex and London


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            A pity about Bromley

            Hi Wayne,

            I am disappointed that there has not been a good take up of Bromley option as I think it is a fantastic, no strings, ideal committment level for crafters idea. I certainly would have given it a try!

            I do think your store idea would be well received in Bromley, perhaps not so many Kent crafters?

            I wouldn't be able to get to any of your other venues (son in school in Bexley) but I wish you well with them

            Terry xxx
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