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Craft Fairs in the south west

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  • Craft Fairs in the south west

    ive just started to sell my handmade cards and wanted to know anygood fairs or car boot sales in the southwest, around dorset or hampshire to go to.

    Any ideas of where to go and what i would need to do?

    Sue x - Display Stand Spe******ts - Handmade card selling guide

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    Look in your local paper to see if there are any fund raising events being held, if so ring them & ask if you can attend, you will have to pay a fee or they may ask you how much you will give them, depending on how big it is, or how many hours its on for, i would suggest a minimum of £10 so keep it in mind what you are willing to pay when you contact them.

    Ask at local schools if they have a fund raising day or a christmas fair, & ask if you can come with your cards.

    To find craft fairs look in your local paper & ring the organiser to ask how much they charge, & to send you a booking form. But you might find there is a lot of compition for cards as there is for jewellery (thats what i do) & you cannt always get in, but you could always ask to go on their waiting list.

    What i do is to visit craft fairs first, if i like what i see otherwards not more than 3 jewellery stands & there are visitors in the hall looking, then i ask to see the organiser & tell them i would like to attend one of their fairs, they will then tell you the price & table size you will get, then its up to you what you do with it, but dont forget to bring a cover for your table, i use a black cotton sheet that i bought especially for fairs, visit a craft fair & see what others do.

    I did a craft fair once when only 2 vistors came in, its no fun just sitting there with all the other stall holders not selling a thing, because the only person who made money that day was the craft fair organiser. So what im trying to say is, not all craft fair organisers are good, this is the reason i go & have a look first.

    We will soon be coming up to the christmas fairs, i find the best ones are in October, but you will need to book now to get in, if you cannt get in this year there is always next year.

    I wish you luck in your new venture.