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Arts, Craft and Antique positions available soon in Kent, Essex and London.

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  • Arts, Craft and Antique positions available soon in Kent, Essex and London.

    Hello I would like to tell you about Shalamar Shops, who are actively looking for affordable properties in busy streets of well to do areas in London, Essex and Kent.
    Our aim is to open these properties as bazaars, and bring back arts, crafts, photography, antiques, pottery, ceramics, woodturning, and other hand made products to the high street.
    Positions within these properties would be available for rent on a daily basis so there's no need for any long term commitment. Artists/Traders would be able to book a position for a day, on a first come first served basis and if they liked what they saw, they can look to make another booking for another day that suits them.
    The cost of rental of positions in our shops will vary with each shop, but will be made available for as low as we can manage.
    I can tell you that our very first enterprise is a brand new covered market in Wickford where we will be looking to have positions available at a special introductory rate of only £15 per day! Again all positions are available on a daily basis and there will be discounts for those booking on a weekly basis.
    If you would like to add your name to our database and be informed of our new ventures and properties that arise in Essex, Kent and London (including the new Wickford Market) - please check out my web site and register - and we'll get back to you from there.
    There’s no commitment from you required – there’s no registration fee or money up front needed. But your registration with us will mean that we can take on shops as they arise, in the confident knowledge that we have a database of business and individuals, keen to sell their products in one of our positions.
    Many Thanks
    Wayne Connor
    Arts and Craft positions in Kent, Essex and London