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Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh

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  • Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh

    Did anyone sell at the Highland show over the last few days? or know anybody who had a stall there.

    I heard sales were way down and quite a few in the craft tent didnt cover table costs, let alone their food for the 4 days. People were picking up freebies all over the place but not spending,.

    Did anyone do really well?

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    Knew a few crafters there and they all said they were down on last year. That was on the Friday.
    The guys that I spoke too had done O.K though.
    The tables prices for there start at £400 + It is a lot of money to make up before you start.
    There were people spending but I don't think it was luxury items.

    Anyway I will catch up with them soon so can let you know how it ended up.
    Where you thinking of giving it a go ? I thought about it for all of 2 seconds and decided I couldn't afford the outlay. I think that one is definaltly for the big guns.

    Cheers Janice


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      thanks Janice, not thinkjing of it just now but was just interested how others got on as some people i heard of did so bad.

      Anyone else know anyone who was there? how did they get on?


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        anyone? just thought I'd bump this up.