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  • Midlands show idea

    I've been planning to hold a charity fashion show for a while now probably on one of the first sundays of august.

    I wanted to see if anybody would be interested in having a stall there around the outside? I'm looking at 10-15 people who make or independently sell clothes and fashion related items. There would be a small charge to cover the cost of the hall and all proceeds will then go to charity. Obviously everyone can individually keep the profits that they make.

    Let me know if you would be interested and give me a brief description of what you do. Bear in mind the show would be aimed at more teenage to perhaps 30 year olds.

    Thankyou x
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    I would def be interested. I make bead jewellery. It depends whereadbouts you are holding it though. I am based in leicestershire.



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      Well I live in Atherstone which is near Nuneaton so it would be around this area. Not too far from you I don't think x


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        Hi, I am a Warwickshire based jewellerymaker and I would like to know more please! Perhaps you could pm me some details. Thanks


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          I would be very interested in having a stall- and exhibiting on the catwalk if that was available.

          I sell handknitted/woven/felted alpaca garments and accessories. Based Nr. Rugby, but willing to travel for event. Have a look on my website for details of all my products.



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            I think a fashion show event is a great idea! I'd definitely be interested in having a stall, I'm jewellery too - beaded & polymer clay.

            Please could you let me know the details as and when you have them?

            Many thanks,

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              Atherstone is about ten minutes from me so would def be interested. Do let me know when you have more info. And if you want any more info from me then please do pm me. AmyE


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                I would be interested too, but I also make beaded jewellery so there could be a touch too much!! I'm based in Rugby too so not far to go. Selina


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                  I would be interested too, I make wool and fabric bags and accessories, let me know more!

                  knit sew crochet hop..........

                  my etsy shop

                  my folksy shop

                  my musings


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                    I'm going to get more details about the hall and things this week so I know how many stalls we can fit in and then i'll be able to say how many of each kind of crafter I need.

                    I basically just need to know who is interested and try to get a large variety of fashion related stalls. Keep checking back



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                      count me in


                      if you have space for any other jewellery, count me in! sounds great!

                      I make beaded floral jewellery in sterling silver, charms, gemstone and freshwater pearls.

                      thanks! my jewellery is very.popular for summer shows, as it's pretty girly and floral.

                      Hope you have a space!



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                        I really appreciate all of these responses! Keep them coming, I ideally need more people who sell clothing or other fashion related items. I obviously won't be able to have all of the jewellers but i'm looking into each one to work out who is most suitable.

                        I just wanted to remind you that the show is going to be aimed at teenagers so if your prices are fairly high, your items might not do so well.

                        Thanks lovelies! Emma x


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                          Re Midlands Craft Fair


                          I may be interested I make womens and childrens tutu style skirts, arm warmers and armlets. I am new to doing craft fairs, but, I may be able to travel. Do I make the kind of thing you are looking for. Thank you. Cheers Tinkerbell


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                            Hi Emma, my jewellery prices start at £2 for a phone charm/earrings and go up to approx £15 for a necklace, bracelet and earrings set so hopefully falls into the 'pocket money' bracket. Please keep us up to date with your plans, Selina


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                              Hi there,

                              I make handbags and purses from paper and would definately be interested in taking part.