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New to crafting - how do I start selling

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  • New to crafting - how do I start selling

    Hi - I would really like some advise on how to start selling some handmade cards at fairs, what do I need to know, how much does it cost to have a stall etc. any advice would be great! many thanks

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    Hi your probably best of finding out when and where your next craft fair is then ringing them and finding out how much they charge and what sort of stalls they already have there....... If you have chance and there are quite a few craft fairs near you it may be worth your while to go to one that you fancy showing at and having a look round before you decide what yu want to do.....

    Hope that helps a bit
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      Hi - there are some earlier threads about craft fairs which you would find interesting reading. Your questions are quite general and it varies so much from place to place and type of fair etc. One thing you will find with cards (and I am a card maker) is that you need to get in early with bookings as it is a popular craft and places get booked quickly. Cards and jewellery always seem to be the quickest slots filled. Good to get known in your area and show your reliability to get on some mailing lists for early booking. An organiser said to me the other day "you always turn up Cynthia" i.e. you don't let me down, which had happened even with people who had paid their stall fee.

      Good luck when you get started.


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        I have recently done my first fair and everyone on here has been really helpful and supportive so you have come to the right place.

        One website I have found really helpful is where you can search for craft fairs, events etc by location. Gail who runs it is a member of the craft forum and has been really helpful so it is worth taking a look at her site.

        Hope this helps and good luck


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          Thanks Karen I must look at that link too.............Clive
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            THanks to all that have come back to me.... it has been usefull info and I will start to look at mailing lists and local fairs.


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              Just spotted this - thanks very much Karen, glad you've found my site


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                New Wickford, Essex market on your doorstep

                Hi you are ni Chelmsford asking where to sell your crafts good! Well I'm looking to start an Arts & Craft Market in Wickford in the next few months(maybe weeks).

                It will be daily, with stalls available on a daily basis as well. I'm trying to keep the cost down to £15 a day (though probably a bit more on market days). If you are interested - please let me know and I can give you the full details once they've been agreed with the landlord.

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