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First craft fair panic!!

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  • First craft fair panic!!


    Well ive got my first craft fair on sunday at the town hall in Ripley, near Harrogate and i am stressing out!! Im really worried that i wont have enough items of jewellery to sell and that i my stall will look really rubbish next to everybody elses!!

    Ive been busy at my day job, and recently come back off holiday to Mexico (which was ace!) but missed a lot of time to do make some pieces!!

    I have about 9 pairs of earrings about 20 pendants and about 6 brooches so far, i also have about 5 small canvas paintings to stick on the end, and a torso manaquin which looks good with my jewellery on.

    Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of stalls there are at the Ripley event, im hopeing that there not all really professional looking and that i stick out like a sore thumb!! Oh and im trying to find a cloth, and some bags that are dead cheap as i have no money left after my hols!!


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    That sounds like a perfectly normal amount to have with you - if you have too much, your table might look swamped and this way people will be able to clearly see all of your things. Don't panic!! I'm sure it'll be super!

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      Is the cloth for covering the table ? I use in the past a double sheet and no one ever knows. Ive also seen other people use them. I use black as I think it look sleek and works best. But it personal choice.

      I sell cards so cant comment on how much stock you need when selling jewerly. But It sounds like you have enough and being working hard !!

      Ive been doing craft fairs for a few years now and I still get stressed, worry no one will like what im selling, or if I have enough stock- so your not alone.

      Ive got craft fair on tuesday & wednesday next week then another on friday/saturday & sunday too.

      good luck

      sara x


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        Hi. How about a some bracelets and a few cheaper things for little ones. I'm sure that you'll enjoy the day and won't feel out of place amongst other crafters. Good luck.


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          Hi i just wanted to wish you good luck im sure your stall will look lovely

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            Any fabric shop should be able to do you a large table-sized piece of material for a reasonable price if you can't find a cheap tablecloth. The darker velour style ones look nice with jewellery on. I'd treat it as a bit of a learning exercise and have a look at some other stalls so you can get some display ideas for next time.
            Good luck - hope you do well,


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              Do hope it goes well for you!



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                I'm sure you'll be fine.

                I still get a bit stressed out before a fair too and I've done loads. Just remember to enjoy it and a smile goes a long way, customers respond well to that.

                Hope it goes well for you. Let us know how you get on.
                by Nicki

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                  There seem to be loads of people doing their first craft fairs at present - perhaps they need a separate thread. Good luck, I am sure you will be fine and as we have said before each fair is a learning experience and you think of something that could be done better. Yes, that smile is a definite must. Hope it all goes well.


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                    Good luck and don't panic! It will be ok and there will probably be other people in exactly the same position as you, relax be confident and be organised.

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                      I'll cross my fingers for you Emma but I'm sure your'e going to be fine.
                      I use a large catering tablecloth for mine ( but only because I got it free from my sons work ), but I know most people use double sheets.

                      Ebay have some very cheap paper bags which are ideal for craft fairs, If you can find time priniting off some business cards is always a good idea as lots of people pick them up and its nice to pop one in the bag with your item when you make a sale.

                      I'm sure you will have plenty of items but it never hurts to sit and make when you get a bit of spare time ( I do my best work in the mornings watching Jeremy Kyle,lol)

                      I've done quite a few fairs now and still get eaten up with nerves and self doubt before each one

                      But like nicki and ifor say a big beaming smile and a few friendly words go along way , and even if they don't buy they leave your table with a smile
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                        Is the organiser Donald from Yorkshire Fairs? If so - he's a nice guy, I did one of his fairs last week in Gisborough. Word of warning though check the set up time as he claimed last week that he had emailled me to remind me of the set up time and he hadn't.

                        Good luck - say hello to customers and smile. My jaw was aching by the end of the day. but I had some sales.

                        Let me know how it goes.!!

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                          Thanks everyone!! really appreciate the messages of support!

                          Im feeling much better about it today, i laid everything out on a black bed sheet that a wonderful friend from work went and bought me, along with a little cash tin, she knows how skint i am at the mo, bless her!! and think it all looks pretty good now! Thank god!

                          I will let you know how it goes!

                          Happy crafting ppl xx



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                            good luck for Sunday

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                              Welll folks! i am very happy with the out come of my first craft fair! It was was a success!! I sold 4 items and made £67! i know it's only 4 item but the fair was very quite. Apparenlty it is usually quite busy at Ripley but other events that day near by must have over shadowed it.

                              I got a lot of comments about my work being unique and appealing etc which made my day! and made me more confident about what i do!

                              Looking forward to july and august now!!

                              Thanks everyone!