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Craft fair advice...what's the norm?

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  • Craft fair advice...what's the norm?

    Hi everyone,

    I just wondered if you could help me with something? I am arranging a fair for July and have been asked by one of the crafters for additional space on either side and behind the table, as the person's display requires it.

    When you go to a craft fair, do you reasonably expect a certain amount of extra space for stands, manaquins etc?
    On the application form it explains that there is a 6ft trestle/go-pak style table for each crafter and I put on the form a 'additional requirements' section for people to say if they needed electricity etc.
    I am happy to allocate a small amount of space for 1 standing display, 1 clothes rail or similar, but feel that it would be unfair to other crafters to give this crafter additional space on both sides of the table when they have all paid the same money. I have suggested that I will try to put this person in a space that maximises the evailable space - ie. in an end, corner...Or that I can sell extra space to make it fairer to the other crafters.

    Am I being unfair? What is expected? Can you help me? I don't want to upset anyone.

    Love LittleGems x

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    Nope don't think you are being unfair at all. If they want the extra space then they should really pay for 2 tables - this gives them plenty of space I think that is the norm - if I want extra space I pay for two tables even if I don't want to use the 2nd table I have all the rest of the space to put up my bits and bobs.




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      I agree with every word Lisa.

      I get extremely annoyed when I go to a craft fair - having paid for two spaces and tables - then find some people who are alloted one space putting up extra tables and stands and by doing so block exits/entrances and encroach on other peoples' spaces. I think it is very selfish and greedy and probably contravenes health & safety and fire regulations.. If they want to put up their own tables/stands they should pay for the space.



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        Here here, quite agree with all of you. Stick to your guns LittleGems you are being perfectly fair and reasonable.


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          If they want the space they pay for it.. It really is that simple. I get really fed up with greedy people at shows . Stick to your guns.

          Hope it all goes well for you as you sound like a really considerate orginiser.

          Cheers Janice


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            I agree - if they want more space then they should pay for it!! Otherwise it's not fair for the other crafters who have the same space or have paid for more


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              Hi all,

              Thank you so much. I just wanted to check what people expect and also that I wasn't being unreasonable! I really appreciate your help.

              Love LittleGems x


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                At the fairs I attend apart from an occasional clothes rack all goods are displayed on either one or two tables. So I agree with the rest she should pay for two tables. If she wants to put her own separate displays in the space instead of a table that is up to her but if she is allocated a 2 table sized space - even with only one table - she should pay for it.



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                  How would it be if she had her table set up behind her and two clothing rails either side? Would that be counted as 2 spaces worth?

                  In my opinion it would be better to sell floor space, perhaps rather than say 1 table the contract could be for 6ft x 4ft = 1 amount of space for your display. I would consider use some white tape or chalk to mark out the space allocated. If I were to do a craft fair it would be to actually get people to create their items there and then so I would need around 3 table spaces worth and I would expect my clients friends and family to mill around too, the last thing I want is for people to get upset because I'm blocking the aisle!!!
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                    Being in the process of organising a craft fair myself I have had the same queries, but in fairness no one appears to expect extra space for nothing. The amount charged was for a 6' x 4' space and if they have said can I bring my table which is 10' long then I have worked out a price pro rata and they seem happy with that.

                    I was doing a craft stall recently myself and on the first day had spaces between the tables on both sides, then the second day there was a different stall on one side of me and they utilised the "gap" for a stand, which meant that the other stall holder on my other side and myself were sharing the same gap as the only means to move to the front of our stalls. As it happened we were in a marquee and the walls were up because it was warm, so we were able to go out of the back, but it was annoying because it did not come in the space they had paid for and I know they only paid for the ordinary space. Other people had wanted more space, so had paid for two pitches.

                    Hope you manage to sort it out.