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How much stock for a craft fair??

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  • How much stock for a craft fair??


    I am about to sign up for a 3 day show but am concerned about how much stock I need to take. It will only be my 2nd craft fair (haven't done the first one yet!) so haven't had the chance to work out what sells well and what is popular etc but I would really like to book up my next fair just in case the first one goes badly and it puts me off forever!

    3 days is a long time and I work full time so not sure whether I could ever make enough for the event.

    Any advise please ladies and gents?

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    hi i dont know if this will help much ,i make handmade cards and i always think that im never gonna have enough stuff with me,,, but i did a craft fair where it was over 2 days last yr and i took some stuff with me and made them as i was sat at the craft fair... maybe you could do this ? Wendy
    wendy xx
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      Hi Karen

      Don't panic, I do regular craft fairs and I find I always take to much stuff,half of it doesn't even make it to the table !
      How many designs do you have already made up and how much time do you have till the 3 day event and how much time between events?
      I have 3 craft fairs this month ( one is a weekend one ) and I have roughly 160 items in stock to take .
      On all day events I take a travel kit of beads and findings to alter items for customers if required but also to make as I sit ( there will be plenty of quiet periods where you need to look busy),I think this also shows how much care and attention you put into each item and I always have plenty of interest.
      On your weekends off work leading up the fairs , aim to make a couple of items each day, these soon add up
      And its far better to have limited quality stock than to have loads of run of the mill bought in stock ( and yes plenty of people at craft fairs do do this ).
      Good luck and feel free to pm me if you want
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        Hi Karen,
        I don't do craft fairs but have a retail shop so I thought I would let you know what I am selling most of at the moment and it's anklets and necklaces. I have also noticed that customers often tend to buy jewellery in colours similar to what they are wearing, so think summer, translucent, lighter coloured beads and items that look sparkly in sunlight, opalite is popular. Jewellery doesn't weigh much so why not take loads?
        Chris W.
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          I make hand made cards and Ive found that each fair I do is different. What allways sells good at one doesnt allways sell as well at another. The way I do it is I have a few cards on the same design. Then I have one out and then when it sells I can replace it with the same design. Or if not one that is very similar.

          Alot is trial and error

          Sara x


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            I'd take as much as you have and take orders - maybe you could do a display folder of what you can do with prices? I don't know how easy it is to make jewellery at an event but what about some kind of work in progress/display or samples of the materials you use?