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  • How's it going?

    Hi All,

    I know that several of you are out there trading at events this weekend. How are things going? Is trade good?

    Is the fact that the weather is being a bit 'iffy' playing into your hands? I would imagine many people would rather head for somewhere indoors for a run out "just in case".

    It would be great to get some feedback on the forum as to how you got on.

    Fair Do

    Fair Do's!

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    The bead sale that I went to in Dunchurch yesterday was heaving! The lady behind me in the queue said it was much busier than last time. I did comment that the weather is so naff that there is nothing else to do, so might as well make some jewellery, which I did as I have a fair next weekend. Selina


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      I worked saturday and sunday, Saturday I did a general market in Petersfield the weather was brilliant, people did come out but it felt like pulling teeth to make a sale. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home to have made £240 from that event.

      Sunday I did an Art and Design market in Alton, weather wise by 10am it had all cleared up. People wise it was awful, although the ones who did stop and look did buy something. I know other traders that day didn't take a bean so taking £80 was good considering the conditions.

      I would say overall for the month of May sales have picked up, it could be the weather, it could be people have remembered they still have birthdays to buy for and it could be people are beginning to shop for Christmas!!! Its true I have had at least a handful of people buying for Christmas.

      I hope everyone else had a good weekend!!!



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        I went to the Chippenham folk festival on saturday and it was heaving at times (well I guess also because of the zillions of morris dancing groups in the main street too !).