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Advice sought, thank you in advance

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  • Advice sought, thank you in advance

    Hello everyone.

    I’ve take on arranging the craft tent for my villages summer festival (it’s in aid of fixing the church roof, as they so often are 😄)

    Full disclosure I’ve run a small craft stall but it was in a regular town market - that is the extent of my experience and I’m somewhat terrified.

    We are keeping it small (10 or so suppliers) and giving priority to local makers, those working in a craft traditional to the area (mid Essex), those who work with an emphasis on sustainability and those who can work interactively (demo their craft to visitors, talk about it or even let visitors have a go if the craft/health & safety allows for it).

    Visitor turnout is expected to be around 4-600 people over the day (which for crafts would be from 12- 5ish) but it’s the first one so not really known/guaranteed.

    So I’d love to ask you for advice on this -

    Would you say these are reasonable demands?
    Is this sort of fair attractive to you - one that you could reasonably expect to make a profit from?
    What would you (reasonably) expect to pay for a stall at this sort of event?
    What sort of equipment would you need the organisers to provide (it will be a marquee, but probably with some power available, and some furniture)

    If any of you have any experience on any of this I’d welcome your input, and if you meet any of the criteria for stall holders do let me know!

    Huge Thanks, Helen x

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    Hi Helen. I’ve done craft fairs from £6 for 4 hours to £30 all day.
    I have a 6ft folding table but most venues I've used have supplied a 6ft table and chair. Are only 10-ish crafters enough variety for a 600+ footfall, over how long?
    Your exhibitors can do demos and also hands on work but.....they need to have insurance cover that allows it. Some will only as an add on. I’m covered to demonstrate and teach but had to add it to my I think, the others could maybe clarify, you’ll need to do a risk assessment etc.
    That's all I can think of right now, anything else, I’ll post again.



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      Thanks for replying Dave, The festival is a multi-attraction one - there will be various types of shows and acts on stage and art, flower and photography exhibits etc going on (and there’s no real way to predict foot fall as yet) so if it were an all craft thing it definitely wouldn’t be enough, but we have a mediumish sized marquee as part of that whole offering so as it stands that’s what I’m aiming for (if it turns out it’s going to be large/busy enough, we will consider more obviously). I basically wouldn’t want to get loads of people to turn up (and charge them) when I can’t guarantee them customers. As it’s the first year I’m trying to keep it small and pertinent.

      The event has insurance and there’s a H&S ‘officer’ and I’ll be doing my part in risk assessing etc, but that is something to consider. I think we would need to ask people to get the extra insurance if they need it and reflect that in the price.
      Thank you again!


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        Have organised a fair once and hard work, half of the stallholders that applied did not have product or pli. They had to get with proof or invalidated out organisers insurance. Did not like where they were placed when we had spent ages making sure similar items did not clash, it was a nightmare. You are very brave an admire that you do this.


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          Oh, ok, didn’t realise the craft bit was a part of the whole, I thought it was the whole 🙄😁 that case I’d say as diverse as possible to maximise interest. Where I go there are around 20 stalls, the cards, paintings etc, general art get a quick “look at” but stalls like mine which aren’t mainstream art or crafts get a fair bit more interest because they haven’t seen it before, especially as I sit there cutting too.
          10 or so crafters is a nice number for a medium marquee unless they have huge displays to erect Which might encroach on others “ Pitches”....everyone loves more space and will not hesitate to grab it if they can, might be worth advising that they need to fit on and around a 6ft table for safety reasons etc for example as space may be limited, don’t want crafters or Joe Pub tripping over anything or knocking anything over. Get stallholders in nice and early to set up, give them a “Done by X” time and stipulate that you don’t want them packing away before x time....nothing worse than a late rush, (we aways seem to get one) and stalls are already packing up early. We can’t start packing up until 15- 20 mins before the end at the earliest where I show.