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  • Date booked not enough stalls

    I have discovered this forum in a moment of desperation and have enjoyed starting to read some threads. I love craft fairs and so when someone suggested we run a craft fair as part of our 'carnival' I foolishly volunteered to take charge of it. I am now beginning to panic. Has anyone got any advice about how to get a good variety of stalls for a family event?
    FYI the event is in Stoke-on-Trent on 12th July

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    There are quite a few people on here who organise craft fairs, so they will be the best people to talk to. I'm sure they'll find you.

    Welcome too!!


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      hey , im a stokie and there are loads of local people here i know a couple of folk i can message for you !
      where in stoke ,and how much you charging ?
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      Heidi x x x


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        I've just emailed you - we'd love to attend.

        Can you please send me details to email removed (don't publicy post emails unless you like spam)

        Thanks a lot!!

        Laura & Gord xxx
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          Thanks for the contact. I was feeling quite alone with this task. The event is at The Bridge Centre, in Birches Head and we are charging £10 for a stall 6-10ft.


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            I was going to say that I am sure there are people on here who are in your area and low and behold they are already pouring through the door. This is a very good place to advertise a craft fair - I am doing one in the summer and have had a lot of response from this forum. Good Luck and welcome to the forum.


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              Good Afternoon

              I'd love to come along with my pet goodies, if you could send some info to me that would be fab, I've pmed you too

              L xx


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                what stalls have you got already ?
                what do you need ?
                Heidi x x x


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                  I have a couple of jewellry stalls, pet accessories, cards & candles as definites so far. No specific needs - just family oriented really.


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                    sounds good! I'd be interested too, just send me some more info!

                    knit sew crochet hop..........

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                      Hi Cloudhopping
                      FYI The fair is at The Bridge Centre, in Birches Head, Stoke-on-Trent from 1-5pm (12th July) Stalls are £10 for 6-10ft space and the conferencs suite has tea & coffee making facilities in the next room. If you give me your contact details I will forward a booking form to you when it available, but if you are interested in the meantime I can provisionally book you a place.


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                        We still have a few places left at the Craft fair on 12th July. Anyone interested let me kno. Ta