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legalities of craft fair

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  • legalities of craft fair

    Hi. I've read all posts on craft fairs but could someone tell me about forms, taxes, insurance e.t.c, that are needed. I thought i would be able to just go along and sell my stuff!!


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    LOL! thats exactly what I thought too! but no apparently somebody might stub a toe on your display table and sue you!!!!

    I dont actually know tho, so erm, i'm not really that helpful am I! lol

    someone who is in the know how will come along soon i'm sure!


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      Most craft fairs will want you to have insurance.
      Ian Wallace has been highly recommended on another forum the basic insurance is around £70 a year. Which covers craft fairs and home parties.
      there is also who do a craft starter policy.

      As for tax you will have to declare your earnings like any other part time job but you will be able to off-set any profit with the set-up costs. Tools, findings and beads. Just remember to keep the receipts or print out the ebay invoices.

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        I got my insurance through a recommendation on the forum. Think it was with the Market traders association and cost £47 I think, Selina


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          Try these...£47 for the year

          Combined Market Traders Insurance Association......
          Jules x


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            on an insurance note mine is done by a company called liability guard uk at 7 a month, but does anyone know if there is a place to get product insurance, i do 2 day shows and wondered what you needed to insure stock.

            Also on a tax note im registered self employed so its taken care of, if your only doing 1 - 2 shows a year and work full time i dont think you need to do anything, i seem to remember the tax man saying something about you need to earn so much before tax, Ring the inland revenue they really are helpful and not scary either


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              Try these...£47 for the year

              Combined Market Traders Insurance Association......

              .......includes product insurance.......
              jules x