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craft fairs in the north west?

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  • craft fairs in the north west?


    this is a two part question, so here i go......

    i'm looking for craft fairs in the north west to take part in but i'm having a few problems, one company does quite a few and won't take on anyone else that makes jewellery. I've booked a table at the bead and jewellery fair on the 1st october at chester racecourse, and thats it.

    The other is having noticed that this is a problem for me it must be a problem for other people as well. I was thinking of organising one myself, nothing fancy, no big expensive stately home, more of a gift fair, just at a local community centre in Northwich, Cheshire, notsure which one yet, i'm waiting for some to get back to me. I was wondering if anyone would be interested or if anyone has any advice as i'm still just looking into the logistics of organising one so far.

    thank you

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    Hi caroline

    Note sure if I had mentioned this to you on the other forum, but visit and check if there are any near you.

    Also Derian House (a charity) organises a fair few fairs in the North West. I've never been to one, so make sure you check them before you book. I can't find the 2006 list of the fairs on their website so you'll have to call them.

    Also John from you-craft-fairs (he's a member here) organises some in Congleton, which might be quite good for you, location-wise.

    Have you tried Adrienne from . I think she's organising a fair near Warrington. You'll have to get on her mailing list.

    Bead Shop, 91 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0QB, Lancashire. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-3pm.


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      thanks bea,

      i've been through the site loads of time, there either over a £100 for a table or won't consider jewellery as it's a popular craft!!

      Thanks for the other sites though, i'llcheck them out and see what i come up with



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        Hi Bea & Caroline,

        Saw my name mentioned - so thought I would reply!

        I no longer organise or exhibit at Craft & Gifts Fairs, however using the knowledge, experience and contacts that I have gained over the last few years, I am about to launch a new website -

        Craft and Gift will be FREE to use and the aim will be to match organisers of craft fairs with stall availability and crafters wanting to exhibit.

        Crafters simply register their email address and the regional area/s they are interested in and when organisers contact me with availability - the crafters details will then be passed on to them. After the initial introduction, all communication will then take place between the organiser and the crafter.

        The website will also include information for First Time Exhibitors and relevant topics about Public Liability Insurance etc, Tea Break - looking at the lighter and fun side of Craft Fairs and life in general and much more....

        And its all FREE.

        I'm just putting the finishing touches to it and should 'go live' by the middle of next week.

        If you have any questions regarding the site - initially please email me on [email protected]

        Also if you want the Derian Craft Fayre list for 2006 - I have the details.


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          Oooh - that sounds good. I've been thinking about getting into craft fairs but have no clue how to go about it - this website sounds ideal! You will have to post on here when it's up and running and I'll bet you get loads of people to join.
          Good luck with it
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            Wow Adrienne! That's fantastic! Well done to you to put this together! I am sure you'll get a lot of interest!

            Bead Shop, 91 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0QB, Lancashire. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-3pm.


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              Craft Fairs and the Organisation

              Hi Caroline,

              I know that you are booked to come to my craft fair in July.

              Organising them is hard work, mostly on the computer till all hours sending and replying to emails, researching and finding the right places to advertise your fair, making your posters etc.

              Then you have to make sure the venue you choose is ready, with all the tables waiting for the designated crafters, and not placing two people side by side selling almost the same thing.

              Can be a bit of a headache.

              Also you cannot guarantee what sort of response you will have on the day, no matter how much you advertise, either from crafters or visitors.

              But, after saying all that, when you see all your crafters tables set out with an aray of wonderful things that have all been hand made. When you meet all the friendly, lovely crafters, and the day goes by without any upsets, then its such a wonderful feeling, and its also a lot of fun.

              Just take the bull by the horns, take a chance, have a go, and see what happens.

              I love all the organisation of it, keeping in touch with people, so if you want a little help then please don't hesitate, give me a call, you will probably be better at it than I am, but who cares, I enjoy every second of it.

              Light and Love
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              A craft Fair is being held on the 26th March 2006 in Stockport this is a very wide range of crafts including Pagan/Wiccan etc for more details email [email protected] and more information will be sent


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                Finding Fairs

                I too am having trouble finding reasonably priced fairs localish to me ( I live in Bolton) I have only recently started making cards but have been selling and making them for work collegues with some success and now i would like to widen my selling outlets.
                Can anyone help?


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                  Hi caroline nice to meet you on Sunday at Holdsworth Mill. If you are thinking of organising a fair i would be very interested in a table
                  P.s I love the earrings!!!!


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                    i will defianatly let you know if i organise one, just looking into it at the moment

                    glad you like the earrings, thats made my day




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                      I'd like to start doing some fairs too, I'm based on the wirral so any around chester or liverpool would be ideal! Any ideas?
                      this is what I do


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                        I did my first Arts and Crafts fair at the weekend - it was at Bridgewater Canal, Worsley. Nobody seemed to want to pass on any info about upcoming Craft Fairs. Had quite a good day and now eager to do more Fairs - only trouble is - where are they ? Claire in Bolton - im in manchester so if i hear of any i will pm u x


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                          Cheers jonathan thats great


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                            Craft Fair In Manchester

                            Hi All,

                            I'm looking into organising a craft/shopping event in Manchester near the Trafford Centre around oct early nov. I was wondering if anyone was interested. I'm trying to keep the costs as low as possible, but it will need to be advertised well to get people through the doors.

                            Please email me if you are interested.

                            [email protected]


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                              Craft Fair Manchester

                              Hi Claire,
                              i would be very interested in a stall. When you know a date let me know A.S.A.P. , as i have a few dates booked now .
                              I do decorated Plant-Pots with serviettes.
                              Many thanks