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Middlesex (Uxbridge) Craft Fair cheap table

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  • Middlesex (Uxbridge) Craft Fair cheap table

    I am still trying to get together a craft day in Uxbridge and have found out that the venue I want charges by the hour at £28. I already have 6 people interested and need more because then the cost of the table will reduce too. (It is not my intention to make a profit but to show our crafts on a Saturday especially if you work in the week like me!)

    If I can get 12 people interested will bring the cost of the table down to £20 approx which is your only outlay.

    No dates yet as still getting together an estimate of numbers. So, have a think and let me know if you are interested. Uxbridge is about 10 mins from Heathrow, very busy on a Saturday morning and venue is smack in middle of central uxbridge between two shopping precints!

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    Craft Day in Uxbridge

    I would be very interested in a table at Uxbridge, I make stained and fused glass jewellery and gifts and have spent a long time making things and very little time in considering where I should sell, therefore I have only been selling at Xmas fairs etc. Please let me know if you are interested in my joining your group and if so, provide me with details when you can. Regards Catherine - Kumari Glass


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      I might be interested. Uxbridge isn't too far for me. It would depend when it is. I have never sold at a craft fair before. I'm doing my kids' school's Pamper Day on March 14th, if that goes ok, I might well be interested for your event if it's after that. I make jewellery.

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        Uxbridge Craft Market

        Thank you for your interest it is much appreciated. The event I am organising is a Saturday Craft Market on 16 May 2009 - held in the beautiful old church St Margarets in Uxbridge. I am arranging this on a Saturday as I work full time and find it hard to get to the weekly ones as I also make beaded jewellery which I will be showing too. Your products sound lovely and I have made a note of your details which I will keep and send you a booking form in the not too distant future. (Tables will be £20 each). Helen.


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          Can I say I'm interested? I'm a little way away in Northolt. Which church is St Margrets, is it the old church by the huge round about or is it in the center, near the Pavillions or the Chimes? Doh, re-read your post.

          I would be selling mainly soaps, bath products and some candles.
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 - Pretty soaps, candles, bath and gifts.


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            I'd be very interested in this. Uxbridge is just down the road from me. I make mainly jewellery, but I'm also a henna artist and aside from body art, I also use henna to decorate picutre frames, mirrors and cusion covers to name a few.
            If you're still looking for people to 'exhibit' please do get in touch with me.

            Thanks for the post!


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              I would be interested in having a table in Uxbridge for my sterling silver and gemstones jewellery. Please contact me on [email protected]


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                craft fair Uxbridge

                I would be interested in having a table in Uxbridge.
                I am a picture framer and frame sport and film memorabilia.
                Can you send me details.
                [email protected]


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                  craft fair in Uxbridge

                  My Email address is wrong on my last reply.
                  It should be
                  [email protected]


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                    Uxbridge craft fare

                    My email address will only seem to be sent with a line underneath it so misses out the underscore between the l and the coleman.


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                      very interested

                      Hi my name is Marie and am very interested in having a stall. I make hand made beaded jewellery and Tiaras.... Mainly to order as they are time consuming but i can custom make them or make from a set design. (Just started this) If you havent been too in undated with jewellers please add me to your list and keep me in contact with your progress. My email address is [email protected]

                      Many thanks



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                        Uxbridge Craft Fair

                        Hi. Hope the craft fair went well in Uxbridge. Sorry I missed it. I have just joined the Craft Forum and would like to have a stall if you organise another one. I am an avid cardmaker and would like to try and sell some of my cards. I live quite close in Harrow. Can you please let me know when the next one is. My e mail address is [email protected]

                        Many thanks



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                          uxbridge craft event

                          Hi i would be interested in learning more. I make Hand crafted beaded jewellery, if u still have room for jewellery.

                          my email is [email protected]


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                              I am interested in a table. Uxbridge is quite near for me. May 16th is fine as well.
                              I am an artist and produce handmade quality greeting cards. Have a look at my work on my website and on facebook.