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    Hi all, thanks for the lovely welcome yesterday. I have put my name down for my 1st fair in June and I'm already starting to worry about it. I make cards along with lots of you and until now only been making for myself. Can anyone offer me any advice for this. Do cards actually sell, how many roughly would you take with you, how best to display them. I know not to over price but to cover cost plus a bit. I have them in cello bags & handmade stickers for the back, I've found out about insurance but ANY advice would be really great. Thank you in advance or if anyone could point me in a direction already on the subject. Thanks again Linda
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    am I in the right place for this one please

    wrote a while ago about being a virgin carft fair exhibitor & no answer If I'm in the wrong place could someone point me in the right direction please, cheers
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      I have been doing craft fairs now for about 3 years. I display my cards using picture easel (can get they from ikea for 49p each).

      I also use baskets as people like to have a look through. I have different types of cards in different baskets i.e baby in one, male in another & so on.

      I found getting different level on the table helps. Best way I can describe it is like stairs with the tallest at the back and graudually coming down in size. I achieve this by using wooden shoe rack at the back (from Pound Stretcher inexpensive). Cover with a nice covering (I use black material) over the top then place the easel on this. Give the table a focal point.

      I try and dig out a photo if I got one and post it onto the link, if I can find one.

      They do sell but I find ones that sell at one craft fair dont allways sell at another. Make sure you have a number of the same design if you can. As some customers may want to buy more than 1 of the same design. Also you will want to out another card out when someone buys it to replace it.

      Hope this help & good luck

      P.s allways remeber people have different tastes.

      I have made cards in the past and thought oh I dont like that, and not going to include it, as no one will like that. My partner says no put it out and it the first one to sell.

      I hope it all makes sence

      Sara x
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        I've done a few craft fairs and here are pics from my first ever one - photos taken by Swirly![email protected]/2316407198/[email protected]/2316407186/[email protected]/2315599339/

        I sell a mixture of toppers, embellishments, die cuts and cards, but hope the photos will give you an idea!!


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          Card Displays...


          I never thought to say before, but I have card stands like the one in the link below, would you like them? I can bring them with me. They're in excellent condition as I've hardly used them. I think I have two.


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