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  • hippy market .....ibiza

    any information with regards to the hippy market that is held regularly in Ibiza... we are wondering if it would be possible to rent on a weekly basis..
    any thoughts!!!

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    I dont know about renting, but the market is great! I went there the year before last. the only down side to it is that there are sooo many stalls that are the same.

    I dont know hoe you would go about geting a stall...maybeyou can talk to someone who has a stall there?

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      Hi Helene!
      I did try to reply to you a few days ago but was disconnected and lost it all. Apologies for delay but had to go to into hospital and then remembered to check to se if my message got to you.
      I have often visited Ibiza but did not go and visit the Hippy Market nr Es Cana. Many tourists I met who had said that they weren't impressed as regards it selling local things made on island.I was disappointed with seeing same stalls at other markets with many of African origin all selling same stuff, and actually same thing happening all over Southern Europe! Lots being ......fake designer goods and frankly many trash items. I use to visit weekly craft market at a resort called Cala Llonga which has had to reduce in size from being on main road due to Health and Safety limitations. There were some people there who made their own jewellery and wooden goods etc. What are you going to sell? People seem to want things for v minimal costs to be souvenirs/gifts and so need to be able to fit into cases easily! Its v hard to compete with local stores that can sell so much and therefore reduce prices significantly and they are big importers from third world countries.
      Sorry to go on, I suggest that you contact Ibiza directly. I read a local newspaper called Ibiza Sun where many expats contribute. Perhaps you could repeat your questions there and get a response from a trader that can tell you exactly how things are! Good luck and let me know if you are going there at all............I could come and see you! Otherwise you could contact Es Cana local council I suppose or main Ibiza town council to give more information.
      Best Wishes,


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        We went to the market in Es Cana last year. Whilst it was lovely and jam packed with people there didn't seem to be a lot of purchasing going on. The market is big and a bit like a rabbit warren. I decided to have a look around before buying anything but it was soooo hot, and soooooo busy and soooooo difficult to find our way around that we didn't buy anything really. 3 little souvenir handmade fimo necklaces for the children. The other thing is it was packed with jewellery stalls and wooden african carvings.

        Claire x


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          thanks for all advice....

          all greatly recieved.................