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Fantastic ethnic felt event in Kyrgyzstan, July 2007

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  • Fantastic ethnic felt event in Kyrgyzstan, July 2007

    18-31 July, 2007

    Felt artists, designers, and enthusiasts!

    The Central Asia Crafts Support Association (CACSA) invites you to discover the secrets of Kyrgyzstan's Felts and its ornaments through an artistic exchange around the magnificent Issyk-Kul Lake during the Fourth International Felt Symposium in Kyrgyzstan in summer, 2007. The First (2001), Second (2003) and Third (2005) International Felt Symposiums in Kyrgyzstan were a tremendous success. The Fourth International Felt Symposium promises to be an extraordinary, didactic and cross-cultural experience.

    A major theme of the Fourth International Felt Symposium is the artistic dialogue and exchange. As symposium participants, you will discover the secrets of Kyrgyz felt traditions and will have the opportunity to exchange yours in return.

    The programme of the Symposium includes International Conference «The Use of Ornamental Motives in Traditional and Modern Felting» and Exhibition "Ornaments in Felting", which will take place at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek, and workshops on felting to be held in Naryn area and in the villages of the Issyk-Kul shores.

    The itinerary will be full of opportunities for creative expression, sightseeing, cultural exchanges, camaraderie, and entertainment. About ten days, CACSA will take you via coach bus from the capital city Bishkek into the magnificent Tien Shan Mountains and the marvelous Issyk-Kul Lake to discover the ancestral home of the Kyrgyz felt making tradition. You will enjoy famous Kyrgyz hospitality by living and working with local artisans who inhabit these picturesque villages. They will teach you their ancient felt making and embroidery techniques, which are the most important products that make up the traditional home of the Kyrgyz people: the yurt. Together, you will let your imaginations run wild and create new and exciting works.

    We will visit the mountainous town Naryn, the International Yurt Camp at the Issyk-Kul shore, the Jety-Oguz Gorge near Karakol city, Petroglyph sites around the Issyk-Kul Lake, the ancient site of Burana Tower, and participate in the Central Asian Festival of Intercultural Dialogue "OIMO-2007" at the Issyk-Kul. Our travels will offer the scenic views, traditional meals and music, discussions on Kyrgyz culture and history, and plenty of time to shop the various craft markets.

    At the end of the Symposium with its fascinating events we will have a return trip to Bishkek, where we will have a final shopping tour in Bishkek to purchase any remaining souvenirs.

    The Fourth International Felt Symposium in Kyrgyzstan promises to be an exciting, inspiring, educational, and fun fourteen days not to be missed. We hope you can join us!

    CACSA is taking reservations now. Please contact us for registration forms. Simply fill out the attached registration form and either fax or email it back to CACSA. We will confirm your reservation and direct you in payment procedures via bank transfer. Credit cards, visa-cards and master-cards are accepted.

    The Fourth International Felt Symposium in Kyrgyzstan (2 weeks, 18 – 31 July, 2007): from US$ 1,145 to $1,395 depending on personal accommodation selections in Bishkek. *
    The price includes:
    - Registration fee
    - Transportation to and from Manas International Airport
    - Transportation by coach bus for the entire symposium
    - Three meals a day
    - All accommodations
    - All day-trips and excursions
    - Cultural program
    - All workshop and artisan fees
    - All workshop raw materials
    - English language interpreter
    The price does not include airfare to and from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and the cost of a Kyrgyz visa. Citizens of the United States, the CIS, many European countries, and Korea can get a Kyrgyz visa upon arrival at the Manas International Airport in Kyrgyzstan.

    *In Bishkek, you can choose to stay in Western-style hotels, which will increase the cost, or more moderately priced private apartments and homes. Facilities are generally better at the hotels.

    All symposium events will take place at altitudes ranging from 700 to 3,000 meters above sea level.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Kyrgyz Republic. If you have any questions regarding the Fourth International Felt Symposium, please do not hesitate to contact CACSA officer, Ms. Elmira Bakirova, at:

    The Central Asia Crafts Support Association
    162-A Manaschy Sagynbai Street
    Bishkek, 720017, Kyrgyz Republic
    Tel/fax: (+996 312) 662445
    Tel: (+996 312) 620385
    cacsa (at)
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    Soooooo.................which bus do we get?


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      Ummmmmm the one with 'Happy Bus' written on the side?????????
      I think i lost the plot half way through.....


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        I "felt" bad for a second but sorry I can't make it!

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          Now does the bus take a right or a left at Thailand!!

          What the is what I say to that!!!

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            Have I missed the flight?

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              Wouldn't it be easier if we did a car share?
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                Yep, I'm up for a car share
                But don't ask me to map read cos not the best at it!
                And was pants at geography at school


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                  Don't ask me to drive ... I don't think I've got maps for that far in my sat nav system roflmao.

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                    Originally posted by sugarandspicecrafts View Post
                    Yep, I'm up for a car share
                    But don't ask me to map read cos not the best at it!
                    And was pants at geography at school
                    That's alright - I've got sat-nav!!
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                      Sat nav??!!
                      What wrong with trying to read a road map that is printed in teeny tiny writing whilst its peeing it down, its going dark, kids are wanting wees / poos / chocolate etc and you think you've taken a wrong turn.......
                      Oh yes!!

                      Ok if got sat nav, I'll go!
                      Will I need body armour?


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                        I don't even know where it is...................but it's a hell of a score in scrabble!


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                          Isn't it where Borat comes from ?

                          Oooh, Peter.... have you got one of those thong swimming costumes?
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                            I'll drive I'll drive

                            Opps i forgot i cant drive

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                              Felting in Kyrgyzstan, I'm in, when do we go??