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  • Budapest crafting questions

    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to write a quick message on here to see if anyone can help me. I am moving to Budapest next week and I'll be there for about a year I think. I was wondering if anyone could help me by telling me if they know about the arts and crafts scene there.. I know that there is a lot of traditional folk art stores and suppliers and fairs but I was wondering about things like polymer clay, quilling paper, miniature items, etc? I don't think you can get too many things like this there but if anyone knows of any specialty craft suppliers there, please let me know. I'm worried about not being able to carry on my work when I'm there!

    It would also be great to know if there is anyone on this forum form that's living in Budapest at the moment. I would love to have a chat if you wouldn't mind.

    Thanks in advance!
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    sorry cant help. but hope you find someone.
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      Have a safe journey and do keep talking to us if poss. Sorry, can't help with your question.
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        Thank you

        I'd also be interested to know if anyone has a good supplier in the UK that is happy to deliver to Europe for a resaonable charge. Some of the postal charges I have seen so far are extortionate!

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          You lucky thing, are you over there to study or work or something else?

          Originally posted by nuky1982 View Post
          I'd also be interested to know if anyone has a good supplier in the UK that is happy to deliver to Europe for a resaonable charge. Some of the postal charges I have seen so far are extortionate!
          I sent a parcel off to Hungary just the other week but unfortunately don't sell the things you need so no use to you there! However it's worth contacting a few websites to ask about shipping charges - we advertise our Europe shipping cost as £8.50 but in the T&C it says that's the maximum charge and we'll actually only charge at most orders cost about £3 in P&P in reality.
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            I just finished my studies here and I want a break after 8 years of studying! So, I'm going there to teah English for a year or two. My boyfriend is Hungarian but he won't be living near me But I've been learning Hungarian and I'm dying to put it to use!

            I started sending emails today to my usual online suppliers to see if they deliver to Hungary. Hoepfully I'll have some luck with them. I was so happy to see (where i get all my clay products) do delivery to Hungary for just a couple of pounds more. So, I'm relieved for now. Still need to look for needlecraft suppliers that will deliver there.
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              Just wanted to let you know that I found out sewandso have excellent postage rates to Europe and also 3-5 working days SO, I'm all sorted for supplies while I am over there.

              Now just have to find out about craft fairs over there!

              Thanks for your replies!
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                You will come and visit us when you start your new life won't you??

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                  Of course!! Can't get rid of me that easy!

                  I'm so happy I found this forum And seeing all your great work always motivates me so much.
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                    moving to Budapest

                    How exciting! Your little dolls will be a hit there! I generally only associate embroidery, felting, and sewing crafts with Eastern Europe.
                    Maybe you can purchase a good stash of supplies ahead of time and send them to yourself! Or have a friend mail them once you get an address. Have a safe and wonderful time there!


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                      I don't know of any quillers in Hungary - they haven't joined the quilling guild as far as I know anyway... I get my paper from here: I find they have the most choice of colours etc.
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