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  • Help with Rubber Stamps

    I wanted to start designing my own rubber stamps. Does anyone know where I should start, i.e. finding a company who will make the rubber stamp for me, once I've created a design. I've asked so many craft companies who I thought might be able to help but they seem to blank me. Thanks.

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    I have had rubber stamps made, I am not sure if I am allowed to give out the details
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      A company in York make up rubber stamps to your own design.

      Make your mark..... . Hope this helps.


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        Try this thread from a while back ... - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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          Making your own stamps


          I have found a great place on the internet, however i haven't long started with this forum & unable to post web sites (?)

          If you are interested mail me at mod edit - not a good idea to put e mail addys on public view. PM instead and then i can give you the link.

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            Please delete if this isn't allowed...

            I can make up stamps for you if you have your own designs..

            Please feel free to PM me...

            It is an amazing feeling to see your designs in stamp form..

            Nikki x
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   for clear stamps with a difference..


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              you can buy a kit so you can make your own rubber stamps not sure how good they are as ive not done it myself but when i watched it on tv it looked good
              Jan xx



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                Further to my post above i have now found that company i was talking about & now i can post links it is:


                I have used them a couple of times & find it really great & they are so quick, I think i got them back within a week of sending the order off & so reasonable, prices start at just £3.50

                Hope that helps

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                  Many apologies Mods... I wasn't sure that would be allowed...

                  Behind all great men are suprised mother in laws.

         for clear stamps with a difference..


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                    imagepac are really good if you are just starting out getting a feel for what you want to do, but if you want to do it in large quantities then it is better to get someone to make them for you
                    Sally x



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                      Stamps help

                      Slightly off-original topic here, but can anyone help? I am new to stamping and embossing. I just ordered a beautiful 10cm x10cm stamp, unmounted, and it's gorgeous! I have mounted it on acrylic, so far so good, but how do I ink it? I have several pigment pads, but none of them are 10x10, unsurprisingly.
                      Do I have to use a brayer, and if so, how? Do large inkpads with hinged lids exist? I have not found them, just multicoloured pads. I think I'm missing something...
                      All suggestions gratefully received

                      in The Costswolds


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                        Hi HP1 and welcome to the forum

                        I'd recommend applying the ink to the stamp rather than the other way around...which is probably a bad explanation. OK, if you hold the stamp image side up and then use the inkpad to dab all over the image you'll get an even coverage - hope that explains it better.
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                          When I was at school we actually made our own stamps. From what I remember we were given a flat piece of rubber with a sort of hessian backing. We pencilled a design onto it and then used tools to carve the design out. I wouldn't know where to get supplies from though. x


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                            I just did a Google for rubber stamp makers, it showed plenty of them, don't think I can leave the link to the page so you will have to do it manually, oh the hardship.


                            P.S. I think that "rubber" with a hesian backing may have been lino, we made lots of lino cuts at school from what I remember of it?
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                              alibaba site have allot of offers for kits

                              pro results at budget cost

                              check it out
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