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sizzix die and Cuttlebug machine

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  • sizzix die and Cuttlebug machine

    Hi Everyone, nice to meet you all
    My daughter in law asked me to make her a patchwork quilt for Christmas, unable to find the fabric colours she wanted I ordered a few samples on line. When these arrived there was also a mini catalogue enclosed, browsing through I saw an advert for the Sizzix Big shot machine, wow I was awestruck, I didnt know such things existed
    So I did a little research and finally because storage space is lacking I decided to buy the Cuttlebug and I just love it. By the time I had chosen and ordered my Bug my daughter in laws quilt pieces were already cut so I bought a couple of card cutting dies and made my first ever home made Christmas cards
    Now I'm ready to start a new quilting project so I'm looking for dies. I know the Sizzix Bigz die fit the Cuttlebug, I bought a couple and have had a little play with them I'm looking for other shapes/sizes to match with them and I came across Sizzix Bigz L and Bigz Clear and am now totally confused.
    Can anyone tell me the difference and size difference between the Bigz, the Bigz L and the Bigz Clear please and whether the latter two fit the Cuttlebug please?
    Thank you so much

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    Main differences are size
    bigz die is approx 6inches x 5.5 inches
    BigzL is approx 6 inches x 8.75 inches
    Bigz XL is approx 6 inches x 14 inches and requires extended cutting plates
    Bigz clear dies have a clear area so you can see where the cut will be. There is a perspex panel with a hole in the centre to help pop out the die cut. These are particularly useful if you want to print or stamp a greeting or message and then line it up in the die cut shape.

    I don't have a bug so I can't say for sure if the larger dies will fit. It is all about the size of the aperture and I think the bug is smaller than the big shot.

    There are also BigzPro dies but they definitely do not fit the bug or the standard big shot

    Hope that helps


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      Hi Christa and yes that helps a lot, thank you very much.

      Yes the Bug aperture is smaller than the big shot, I know that because I watched a youtube video where somebody was cutting down the width of the extended big shot cutting plates so that they would fit their Bug, that was because at the time they took the video Cuttlebug didnt make the extended plates, thankfully they do make them now

      I just measured my bigz dies and your right they are 6 inches along one side and mine do fit the Bug ok.
      If the Bigz L is also 6 inches then they will also fit, as will the Bigz XL.
      6 inches is the maximum the Bug will take though.

      Thank you again, I'm off to order the dies now in the safe knowledge that they will fit


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        As long as it is the 6 inch wide part of the BIGZ that fits the bug and not the 5.5 inch side you should be fine. Please do double check because I am sure a bug owner said the larger dies did not fit their machine.


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          Its ok I checked and double checked, I measured them and also ran them through the machine on the 6 inch sides with no trouble at all. Nothing bigger than 6 inches will pass through the Bug though, so if they arrive and are for example 6.1 inches then they would be too big, but I doubt that will be the case, I would think 6 inches is standard across the range I have ordered 4 so fingers crossed
          Thanks again for your help and advise