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Problem removing spellbinder shapeabilities die d-lites help!!!

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  • Problem removing spellbinder shapeabilities die d-lites help!!!

    I have just purchased some spellbinder shapeabilities die d-lites,(grate works) which are quite ornate,but am having trouble removing them from the die in 1 piece,can anyone suggest a way to make this easier,before I throw them in the bin!!! their site says use wax paper,but doesn't say how to layer.PLEASE can anyone help? jessie

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    Not sure what machine you are using so don't want to go into specifics about the exact sandwich needed...but wax paper goes next to the die and this helps the die cut to pop out.
    Lots of ornate dies have this problems...the thin metals dies are quite flexible and bending them ever so slightly before attempting removal can can gently popping them using a pokey tool or fine embossing tool.

    Another thing to perhaps consider (if you are still having probs after all of the above) is the type of paper/card you are cutting. Using a different weight/type may make all the difference.

    Hope that helps...I feel your frustration...


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      Rub the inside of the die (cutting edge) with a tumble drier sheet and the cut will slip out nicely!!


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        thanks for the advice,will try some different card etc,might be that which is the problem


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          Great little tip,will try this method,thanks a lot


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            Hiya Jessie

            I also recently got some very ornate Spellbinder dies. They do take fairly thick card I think. What you can use, as Christa says, is wax paper. However, I found this a littlehard to come across and also a little expensive. As an altenative you can use Baking Parchment (which is what I use and it works a treat). Apparently you can also use the packet off cereal too! I've not tried this personally, but I've heard people saying it works. You have to position your wax paper/baking parchment etc. with the waxy side towards the die.

            Hope this helps you and works for your machine. Is it the Grand Calibur your using? I use the Big Shot and the dies still work perfectly fine in there.


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              I also had problem with removing paper from the dies and used wax paper or even greaseproof paper inbetween the die and the item cutting and also try using a bit of talc on the die as well it might help them release better.


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                Hi i use the inner linings of cereal packets works a treat for me.