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Clutch bag making advice needed for a newbie pls ?

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  • Clutch bag making advice needed for a newbie pls ?

    Hello everyone i am new to the forum

    I was wondering if any of you ladies or gents could give me any pointers for starting off making clutch bags?

    Can you get shaped mold things where you can decorate them with the likes of fabric? (sorry, my description is very poor)
    Then affix a handle bar.

    Can you get started kits with the base mold that would be the bag, etc...?

    Thanks in advance for help. Looks and sounds like a craft i could really get creative with

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    There are lots of sites out there with free tutorials and patterns.

    Lisa Lam is a known bag guru, her bible is a good book and comes with patterns. Her website is well worth reading I think almost anything you could want is on there. Check it out and then you can go looking for other/cheaper versions.

    Tipnut is another great source of free patterns and instructions.

    As I said, there are loads of freebies but those two are either end of the spectrum - paid for to free.

    I hope that helps.
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      thank you, i have done a bit of google searching and signed up to esty, hopefully when i get some money i can but some clamshell
      purse frames and get making

      Got a lot of ideas already my head hurts lol


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        You're welcome.

        I have spent almost 2 years looking, not making you understand, looking, thinking, collecting stash and contemplating. There aren't many sites I haven't found, lots that the nice people here have pointed me towards. If it made out of fabric I'll give it a whirl
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          I've had some cool ideas already of getting iron on transfers, possibly from ebay, buying some fabric, ironing transfer on, gluing to clamshell purse thingy and making a customized purse.

          Insomnia and curiosity can work wonders


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            There's some great inspiration on those links!
            I'm going to be getting out my sewing machine again this year.
            full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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              Thank you, i was surprised not to see any clamshell purse frames on ebay. I've downloaded a pdf file from which is pretty straight forward in making clamshell purses

              Can't wait to get started

              In the mean time, i am waiting for some sodium hydroxide so i can make some more cold process soap