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Fiskars Shapecutter plus HELP!!!

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  • Fiskars Shapecutter plus HELP!!!

    Hi, newbie here

    I've just bought a fiskars shapecutter plus christmas set, which comes with the mat, two templates, the shapecutter and blades. The problem is that the blades seem to sit too high in the tool to use with a template.

    With the freehand spacer removed I can cut freehand, with it on I can't cut anything at all I even asked hubby to have a look but we can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!!!

    Are the blades different for the shappercutter and shapecutter plus? Maybe the set has the wrong type included? Any suggestions very gratefully received.


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    I have a shapecutter - haven't seen the plus - but you do need to screw the blade downwards to cut - the orange top screws the blade holder down - does that make sense??? I always turn mine back up before I store it and sometimes forget to lower it again. There is a ridge in the orange screw and you do need to screw it down to nearly the top of the ridge to cut card. Afraid can't think of any other reason it won't cut!!!


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      I'm having exactly the same problem with the cutter from the same pack. Looking at the help video on the Fiskars site it would seem that our blades are not pushing through far enough but like you I can't see how it could go through any further. Have you got anywhere with this yet?


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        Problem Solved

        Actually I just had a fiddle out of desparation and I've managed to get it working. I trimmed around the lower mouth of the blade holder and gave the blade a good push from the top until it suddenly clicked through. Now it works fine and is an improved design on the one that I bought a few years ago.


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          I bought one a while ago with a set of spare blades and various templates, despite the easy looking demo's on Create and Craft TV I just couldn't make it work properly, everything I cut looked like it had been chewed by the dog. They went on Pre-loved. I just got a pair of Fiskars eyelet setters and I'm having problems with those too and it looks like I'm not the only one, they may go the same way as the shape-cutter