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  • crafting club in ct postcode

    hi all my name is chris i am a woodturner whose hobby takes in lots of different aspect of crafting including painting carving pyro and making a mess with adhesieves paint and shavings
    i am looking into starting a crafting club within the CT postcode area to encourage all forms of crafting and skills transference
    as most of you will agree i hope alot of the crafts that are out there will use very similar items which can be used or adapted by others and the ideas within every crafters head can definately inspire others which is why i want a local club with as many different mediums as possible

    running as a club will have many benefits ie discounted accounts with suppliers , and regular bookings for craft stalls at local fund raising events with the table costs coming from the clubs funs as opposed to paying some of the extortionate fees by losing some of your favourite stock to pay for the table

    if you have any comments or advice on this matter please do not be afraid to post or upset me sa i would rather hear the negatives before i proceed

    thanks for reading this far


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    Iam a member of a Craft Circle/Club which has been running several years successfullyIt is mostly fabric and paper related crafts and we have access to quite a few products, varying from week to week and we often pool stuff. Good luck with it. It does take up time and effort but worth it.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      thanks critchley you are the only person to reply so i am taking it that it might not be a good idea .... but being a little on the so whatish side i have decided that all good dreams deserve a try and this is the only way to go

      we are a club that intends to help and support local good causes by a few little fund raising games that we have plus the fact that the club will make donations to the cause when we attend on mass their fund raising days this means we can sell our produce at sencible prices without loosing stock to pay for a pitch

      so wish us luck

      and thanks again for the reply