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  • Tassels and gift bags

    Hi guys, I can't find what I'm looking for exactly, so wondered if anyone could help me?

    I'm trying to find a wholsesaler/supplier of tassels. I'd like to get something very similar to those you often see on Chinese-style coin charms/pendants, as I've just finished sculpting a little Chinese dragon and when he's cast up in pewter I'd love to add a tassel to complete the look. The problem I'm having is in finding tassels that aren't made of chain or aren't furnishing-type tassels, I've tried searching online and I must be doing something wrong because that's all I keep coming up with. And my bookmarked wholesalers don't appear to have anything like that in stock.

    Second question
    I'm also on the lookout for pretty, reasonably priced gift bags - not organza! - that I can use for my jewellery. The reason I'm asking here is because I'd rather not buy from China, I would really prefer to keep all my purchasing within the UK and support UK businesses, if I can. Besides that, it's certainly easier to rectify mistakes with a UK-based company!
    Ideally I'd like a choice of sizes, colours and materials, preferably satin or velvet, and for my Chinese themed stuff, little oriental bags would be lovely if I can get them. Drawstring bags would be ideal. I could make them myself but it will take ages and TBH, I doubt I could make them cheaper than a supplier.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried card supplier for the tassels not sure about wholesale but they should be about the right size. Also I just got some velvet bags off eBay sorry can't remember the supplier but if you take a look there are a lot on there.


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      I can't help with tassels, but there are some velvet pouches here



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        Are these any good for the tassels? They do other colours too.
        Otherwise if you have the time or inclination you could make one yourself
        As for the bags there are some nice velvet bags here I have ordered from them before and have been very pleased with their service and quality.



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          Thankyou all, those will be very helpful.


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            Wow - you guys worked out a great price! What year are you celebrating? Do you mind sharing some of your details? I'm currently on the committee for our 15 year reunion this summer. We're having a hard time finding anything decent for less than $50/person!
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