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    I'm in Dunchurch, Warwickshire, creating hand knitwear and accessories.



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      Hi everyone,

      I'm Maxine and a newb to the forum but have been crafting on and off for years. I'm currently in Peterborough Cambs with my OH of 10 years but will be moving to Vught in the Netherlands this year .......yay!

      I like drawing and general artwork but I'm currently trying out various different crafts like, sewing (home decoratives), painting (furniture and household objects), decorative wreath making etc

      I have a piccie to post of one of my first projects for a bit of feedback from you talented folks but I haven't posted enough yet!!



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        Just having a look to see if anyone is "local"- it can seem rather lonely in my little corner of the world sometimes!!!

        I am origianlly from SE London but have lived in Kent for about 20 years now. I knit but most of my crafty time now is spent papercrafting!


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          I'm in Derbyshire, quite near to Derby actually, though I'm origionally from America, I grew up just north of San Fransico. I like to paint, knit (often rather badly as I am completly rubbish at patterns), make beaded jewellery, and sketch.
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            I'm from Sheffield plus some student and post-student years in Leeds.

            I currently make jewellery and cards and other things that pop into my head and I'm always wanting to learn more so if anyone has any really good tips on bookbinding, metalsmithing, photography, soapmaking, etc etc - be sure to pass them on!


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              Where are you all from

              I'm a jewellery and card maker and I live in Otley West Yorkshire and I have just discovered this forum.

              I work full time so don't do as much as I would like but do sell jewellery and jewellery greetings cards for International Charities.
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                I'm also a jewellery and bead maker from Asia - Malaysia. Would like to share some experience. I own a shop that selling all kind of beads product, soon would like to expend my selling through website, but dont have any idea how to promote it.


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                  I teach and demonstrate sugar craft, modeling with sugarpaste (fondant). I'm a cake maker and decorator and a part-time carer to a young man with complex special needs. I used to do scrapbooking and have so many tools, stickers, punches etc but sadly have very little time to keep this hobby up now. I hope to get back to it at some point though.


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                    Originally posted by Dingledel View Post
                    Just having a look to see if anyone is "local"- it can seem rather lonely in my little corner of the world sometimes!!!

                    I am origianlly from SE London but have lived in Kent for about 20 years now. I knit but most of my crafty time now is spent papercrafting!

                    I was bought up in kent - Tonbridge, then moved to ashford. My fella is from essex but was living in gloucester when we met, we moved to gloucester when we had our little boy. I dont get down to kent much anymore, once or twice a year to visit the family! i wouldnt move back again, but I have quite a nostalgic feeling each time i'm driving down on the m20 to see my family!!

                    Sometimes what we say is not what we mean & what we mean is not what we say - that's why I paint!

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                    • Sunny Somerset - well it is today! On the levels to be accurate, we rent a farm cottage and are surrounded by glorious countryside.

                      For the last five years or so I have been painting and selling on eBay and recently started making dolls house furniture (most of my paintings are miniatures for the dolls house market) and am now really thinking about getting involved in organanising some local art and crafts fairs.

                      Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

                      Even the best of us make mistakes!


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                        Hi I am Dave...aka creative-spirit,
                        I am a pastel artist and wire sculpted jewellery maker from Cardiff in South Wales UK.
                        Am a Spiritualist, a tarot reader and medium for many years now.


                        • Just up the road from you

                          I'm in Fontwell - right by the racecourse.



                          • I'm originally from South Yorkshire.
                            I've lived in Derbyshire & Leicestershire.
                            I spent 12 years as a hotelier in Blackpool.
                            Lived in France for a little while (dept. 86, Vienne) and ended up in Lancaster 4 years ago.
                            It's not a bad place, but there's so much more to see ......
                            Life's not a race, do take it slower. Hear the music before the song is over.


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                            • Im from kent & I make paper miniatures & im a photographer
                              Make tea, not war.


                              • Hi, I'm Karen (Kaz to my friends) and live in Maidenhead, Berkshire, originally from East London. My "thing" is painting and I have just qualified to do adult work classes in a specific technique of oil painting.

                                I also cross stitch and do 3D Decoupage (Paper Toll to the Americans)