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    I make weird items for magicians. Lately I have been making a fair few aged
    For my boxes I have been using Box lady and Wood+ Europe.

    However, I am looking for a particular box size (a box to contain a book - the size of which is 24cm long, 17cm wide, and 3cm thick) - do any of you good people know of any other blank box sources?


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    Hi Chris, I tend to use or or for my boxes but not sure if any of them have any that big! Might be worth asking them though in case they can get any in special

    Hope that helps!
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      Thanks for the reply.
      The problem I have found is that made to order boxes = big money, time and huge numbers.
      I think there must be a really large wooden box manufacturer out there - perhaps there isn't.
      Still I will give a call in the morning.



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        Just a thought - have you looked at cigar stores for empty cigar boxes? Here, they put them out in a box or basket, or even have some shelves dedicated to them - you can generally buy them for about $1.50 US, or about L 0.9203 (according to the online calculator I use).

        Some of the cigar boxes we see here are around the size you mention, but not exactly that size. Would that be okay? And maybe you or someone you know could paint them ... or something? Just an idea....

        Hey, have you looked at etsy or folksy or etc. for handmade wooden boxes??

        There may even be some wood people here that could make you a few.
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          My father is a carpenter, I could ask him for a quote if you'd like?


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            Try Michael Ryan at Wood Plus Trade [email protected]

            We needed small quantities of a high quality hinged wooden box. I am happy with the price and the boxes are nice.


            P.S. Our box was about 21cm x 17cm x 7cm deep and cost £10 each for 10
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