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Die cutting machines!!???

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  • Die cutting machines!!???

    Hi all,

    I have been saving hard and after my holiday in July, will be buying a die cutting machine! (So so excited!!) Thing is, there are so SO many!!!!
    Ok, so at first I'd thought I'd get the Cricut Expression. Then I saw they'd brought out the Expression 2 anniversary, so thought, ok, the new model. Then I had a look on the internet and saw the craft robo, although I didn't like the look of that one so much. And have just seen the ecraft from craftwell. (Also seen the Cricut Imagine, which looks ace, anyone got one they can tell me about it?)
    Needless to say, rather conflicted! I like the idea of the Ecraft as it has a tray for loaing paper automatically, so batch crafting would be hands free! Plus there are no mats. The Cricut has mats, but you don't have to worry about tabs, but there are the cartridges to buy. But my daughter loves disney princess and so would be fab to make birthday party things for her. Also all the other disney cartridges, think cards made with that would sell really well. (Not that I've sold a vast amount of cards before!)
    I'm rambling now. Anyway, if anyone has any of these, or any opinions on these, please can you share them?! My mind keeps switching from one machine to the other!!

    Many thanks,


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    I f at all possible try to get to an expo or store where you can see these machines hands-on for yourself.

    One word of warning, please don;t make your choice based on Disney CANNOT sell anything you make using the Disney characters even those cut by you on a machine...ALL Disney products from carts to stickers are for personal use only and you are forbidden to sell them...not even to raise funds for charity... and DISNEY are known for actively prosecuting ...even the little guys like us.


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      I had a craft robo - couldn't get on with it as wouldnt cut thru some of the thicker cards first time. Sold it and bought a cricut - I've got the smaller create and love it. If you get the "sure cuts a lot" softwear the world is your oyster - you just need 1 cart in the machine and can then design on your pc and cut whatever you like. You can download 100's free fonts , free svg files- it's limitless .Dont think it's difficult either - so many tutorials on utube and even for a technophobe like me real easy to cut/weld/trace - I have never sold so many personalized cards - just to cut out a name, event, graphic. I use mine ever day and will only change when I upgrage to an expression. - even then as my cards are all 6 x 6 dont know why I would do that. The Cricut Imagine can't be used with SCAL so will be useless for me - I dont want to be limited to the carts. Sorry to waffle - just love mine so much - best investment I've ever made.


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        look up sizzix bigshot pro, it will do all that you need


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          Thanks for all your comments!

          Did not know that about the disney stuff, thanks! Although I'd probably get enough use from it covering my daughters bedroom walls, and all her cousins!!

          Does anyone know of any places that have those machines to try? I live in oxfordshire and don't know of any crafty places that have machines locally, been to hobby craft but they didn't either.

          Will have a look into scal, thank you for that. Heard of that before but had no idea what it was/meant!!!

          Have looked at the bigshot, however all the dies, etc seem expensive. Thought if I just had the one big spend, be sorted in one go!!

          If anyone knows about the Ecraft by craftwell, especially if you've got one/ used one, love to hear from you!

          This forum seems really friendly, thanks guys.


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            I have a Spellbinders Grand Calibur and have to say that extra large cutting plate is brilliant for so many projects.


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              SCAL is no longer available to buy for use with the Cricut machines. If you have it already and don't update your firmware on the cricut it will still work fine, but it's no longer available to buy now.


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                Cricut have launched their own craftroom now to address some of the gaps. It is free to use and allows a little more creativity with all cricut machines except the imagine (that is to join later). With the launch of the craftroom (free software download, all you have to do is register as a cricut owner) it is now going to be possible to buy and download digital versions of the most popular cartridges. All the details etc are on their website.