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problems with mr site!

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  • problems with mr site!

    hi everyone
    just wondering if anybody can help me, i'm about 1/2 way through setting up a webshop on mr site (its my 1st attempt & still got loads to alter) anyway, i've loaded pictures of my items but they are really pixilated and also when you click on them to enlarge the little timer thingy just keeps revolving indefinetly, i have sent a help message to them but got no response as yet, and its so so frustrating i'm pulling my hair out!!!!!

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    I'm in the same postition as you, trying to do a Mr Site but it seems that it's just a slow process.
    I find that when i come across one problem the answer is just to be reallllly patient with it, keep leaving it and going back another time and 9 times out of ten it works in the end.
    I did have probs with pics but that was from my end- sussed out the camera now. It does take an age to upload them though..
    Ive only contacted them once and they were very quick with a reply.

    Sorry it's not much help but at least you know it isn't you!
    There are a few people on here who have actually managed to do a Mr Site so we know that it is possible, maybe they will be along to help soon...


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      Hi, I am a fellow Mr Siter and set mine up myself but was purley pot luck it worked as I am by no means an expert at all!! You pics might be something to do with the size of them, it may be worth phoning Mr Site rather than waiting for a response to your e-mail as they are notoriously slow in responding to them, but am assured they are really helpful when you phone them.
      Jo x

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        I had exactly the same problem. It was rectified by editing the pages after the shopping cart was added.
        I deleted the photos and reuploaded them from my computer. It worked very well because I could then make the pictures slightly larger than the preset had allowed and they have come out very clear.
        There is a help forum that i believe is separate from mr site and was very helpful to me when i encountered problems with other stuff. I'll post a link when I can find it!
        Mr site should come with a health warning to say this product will cause you to pull your hair out!!
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          I agree with Jo, I'm a Mr Siter too, I've never really had problems.
          But I do think it could be the size of your pictures.
          I use image optimizer to crop and reduce all my photos.
          Hope that helps

          They are very very slow at getting back via email, so make sure you do ring them if altering the size of the photo doesnt work...
          I'm still waiting for the forum to come back on too... lol
          Deanne x

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            This is the forum:

            full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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              omg - i have been looking for that for ages, every connection i had said it was closed!!!
              thank you so much
              Deanne x

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                mr site!

                Thank you all for your advice, i've stayed away from my p.c for a few hours, because I was on the verge of dropping it out the window!!!
                I think i'm becoming obsessed with mr site, in all fairness though up until this point it has been pretty straight forward to set up.
                I will try uploading new photos tomorrow at a larger size, to see if that helps too.
                I'm cutting and cropping using photoshop so I don't know if that could be the problem?
                Anyway i'm off to bed now to get some rest before my next battle with MR SITE!
                NIGHT ALL


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                  ......I have just discovered that nearly all of my problems with Mr Site have been caused by AOL!! The boy, home from Uni, said 'That's crud Mum! Open Mr Site through Internet Explorer instead' and hey presto!

                  I was really starting to hate having to go anywhere near the website, but I sat yesterday and worked on the site for over an hour without interruptions, or being told I was constantly being logged out, or that my puter didn't have the cookies set properly.....

                  Now I might be able to get around to my own site for Apple Tree Crafts....just need some decent weather to take photos of everything!

                  Apple Tree Crafts


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                    I agree with Apple Tree Crafts - I can only really do anything to my Mr Site website at work cos at home we have AOL (soon to change tho cos its driving us round the bend!)

                    The best thing with Mr Site is do a bit and then leave it - you won't get as annoyed!! I have found that it does has its moments but if you've uploaded everything ok then it will be there! Make your pics a bit smaller - if you view them at 100% on your screen this is then the size that they will appear when you click on the little pic at the side of your description.

                    Hope this helps!