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best bead/craft wholesalers in the word - any idea ???

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  • best bead/craft wholesalers in the word - any idea ???

    With the internet the world seems such a smaller space.

    I am selling some of my beads, earrings, necklaces in a craft shop and they want me to stock supplies as well.

    I normally buy off of ebay, great shops on their, I have also ordered from ********* and had no problems.

    Has anyone else got any places they swear by to get stuff from.

    Thank you Helen

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    If I told you I would have to kill you lol

    Have a search around on Google - there are loads out there - I would avoid China though as the quality can be very poor.
    Kind regards,


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      I swear by these sites!

      Hello I make my own jewellery also 'Sonia Lucia'

      I use many popular sites such as these (search the name in google as I cannot post website links yet)
      The bead shop - best for cameos, beads, charms, semi-precious
      Beads direct - best for chain in length, beads,charms, semi-precious
      International Craft - excellent value on findings such as headpins, eyepins and clasps
      Blue streak beads - good for large quantities of beads.

      I really do swear by them and they are by far the best for all supplies with amazing quality in everything jewellery related. The bead shop have excellent Cameo pieces that are stunning and very in fashion at the moment. All of the sites have excellent value for Swarovski Crystals and semi-precious stones.

      Though they are great prices, I do still think ebay are pretty good at value for money on some items for example, large quantities of beads, sterling silver earring hooks, sterling silver items.

      I would recommend looking through the sites and getting a feel for what you like.

      If you need any advise on products it is likely I have ordered it before and can recommend or give you areview of the item for quality, look and value for money don't be afraid to email me!


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        try on google products. I found some good stores there. I always try to avoid china due to quality issues.


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          Some mention of some new bead stores for me to check out, you can never have too many beads!
          I get alot of beads from totally beads, & have recently just found pandorion beads which are so far very good!
          I occassionally buy from ebay but find you never know what kind of quality your going to get!