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    Im currently thinking about setting up a subscription service where customers would expect to recieve ten card making kits designed by my self. The kits would cover a broad range of techniques including:
    • embelishments,
    • stamping,
    • needlework (cross stitch, blackwork, embroidary etc.)
    • quilling
    • teabag folding
    • iris folding
    • and many more
    Im wondering if anyone out there would be interested in this service. and if so what type of price range would make them more interested in subscribing at the moment im looking at £18 a month but they are unique and you will have full permision to sell the cards for charity or profit.

    any info greatly recieved thank you.

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    How many cards can you make in each kit

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      Sounds like quite a good idea - I've seen similar things in the states but they were for different crafts not cards. It would really depend on how many cards you could make - if you did at least 10 then you could focus on the 'only £1.80 per card' I know it might sound a lot but you've got the whole handcrafted side of that plus the knowledge they would gain.
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        I was thinking along the lines of making ten im hoping this will be enough to interest people as some of the designs are more time consuming than others.

        I need to work on prices abit more most of it is based on estimates as i cant get info on wholesale prices. but if my estimates or correct then ten cards for £18 is possible.


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          I think 10 cards would be about right

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            I think if the card kits have mixed crafts in then it would be more interesting than some of the ones I've seen around.
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              Sorry i'm being a bit daft here. Do you send them a stamp etc or do you just send an image already stamped for them to stick on the card?

              I personally feel that £18 for a kit to make ten cards is a bit expensive as you can buy some lovely kits that make anything up to 25 cards for £10. Also i find that kits are more for the beginers who want to see if they enjoy the craft before spending too much, after a couple of kits they tend to move on to buying other supplies to make the cards.

              Hope you don;t think i'm being negative, just think you need to see what others kits/subscriptions are out there, what they are offering and for how much.

              Best of luck
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                As Emma said, kits do tend to be popular with new crafters who want to have a go at something different and aren't sure if they will like it. I know it's difficult putting prices on things when you put them together yourself. So much to take into consideration especially how much the items cost you and what mark up you need to put on them, and then there's the time involved which you will never fully recover.

                In my opinion :

                I personally would find a subscription of £18 each month very expensive to pay for a card kit. A lot of crafters would find it extremely difficult to recoup the outlay of £1.80 per card and also make a profit for the time it has taken for them to assemble. Especially so if they are selling at craft fairs and need to take their table money into consideration.

                As a 'Seasoned' cardcrafter I would much prefer to go out and source items that I like and put different things together than purchase kits. Part of the fun for me is working out what will go together and what won't. Sometimes it does work out more expensive I admit, but at least I know that I will be getting things that I like and more importantly things that I want rather than items that have been chosen for me by someone else. This is another downside to buying kits, the fact that there is always something that you don't like in it, no matter how pretty things are, you can't cater for everyone's different tastes.

                However, as I said, this is just my opinion.

                Good luck

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                  I agree with what others have said already.

                  I think if you go ahead with the idea, it should perhaps be aimed at "new cardmakers", people that would love to have a go but are lacking in knowledge. A craft shop/website can seem very daunting to people just starting as they often have no idea what they want or need, they just want to make cards!

                  Personally speaking, I would rather take my £18 to my nearest craft shop or trustworthy website and buy the things I fancy. You can get a lot of embellishments and other bits and bobs for £18.

                  Good luck with it if you go ahead.

                  Jules x
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