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  • Buying craft supplies

    I'm interested to know where everyone buys their supplies. Do you buy in traditional shops or on-line? And which are the best shops and websites you all use. Just to start off I make a lot of fabric items and I buy the base fabric at local fabric stores. I could get it online but I like to feel the fabric first to check it's right for what I'm doing. I buy paints and other kit online and I use Fibrecrafts mostly. They have the spe******t paints I need and a good range of tools etc. I'd love to get ideas for new suppliers from any of you.

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    I buy a lot off ebay and if I cannot find it there I surf the net but like you fabric-wise (and wool/yarns) I like to touch it, feel it and look at it so I go around to fabric shops. But anyway I love haberdashery shops so I am always tempted to look for them wherever I am (specially if I am abroad!).
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      I suppose I am a bity different in that my raw material, wood, I tend to beg, borrow or scrounge. Hedgerows, garden prunings, tree surgeons etc etc. Occasionally I buy if it is for food products and I dond't have suitable in. The other stuff I tend to trawl around and find the cheapest decent quality things I can. Craft Supplies are quite good as is Ebay for some things. Prices seem to chop and change a lot at the moment so it's worth browsing for bargains.

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        I much prefer to go to the original s p e c i a l i s t shop first to see and touch.....and buy of course......then for repeat orders and speed it's actually phoning them. I just wasted an hour yesterday trying to log in and remember my usename (my password was a doddle) then by passed all that to fall at the last click as I had a credit card verification page thingie that came up which will only take the card if I had entered my husband's name 6 pages back. That was it! Computer rage! I'd cracked! I tracked down their phone number and sobbed into the phone and the nice lady took my order in two minutes ....and calmed me down....and we had a laugh....would have had a cup of tea and a biscuit together if we could have...and she got back to me about something and I doubled my order.

        Give me pay by PayPal with one click any day.

        I haven't got into Ebay. Too impatient?


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          Good shops to buy from..

          Hi I have already mentioned Beading Crafty in Kenilworth great shop though their online shop is limited. I did ask why and they advised that they are still building it but are happy to take orders over the phone if needed. Prices extremely competitive and there shop very nicely laid out and full to the rafters. Another shop I have used but online only is and tonight I notice they have alot of items with upto 50% off including some gorgeous Gemstones. Not sure how long the sale is on.

          WELL WORTH A visit.

          Loving this site I just wish I had more time to spend on it but everyday life keeps getting in the way.

          Love many of the designs on here, very inspiring. I have just learnt to Viking Knit. If you haven't tired it do. I think Beading Crafty may have the kits but the effects are stunning. If I can take a descent picture with my little camera, I shall post some of my work.

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            I like to buy online and at local shops. For candle-making and soap making supplies I found a good online supplier that sells nice containers that work great for my crafts. They have cute little steel tins that are especially handy! :-)


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              For my lampworking supplies its online one click of paypal and done as there are only a few places in the UK that do the items I need. Also luckily there is a weekend in april in towcester that is a glassy making fest so saving up for that.

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                I would prefer to go to a real shop to buy my craft supplies but the shops in my area are a little disappointing so I have to spend hours serching the web. I'd been using the same internet bead supplier for many years but since November last year most of the beads I buy from them have gone out of stock and they don't answer my emails. I've had to spent weeks finding new suppliers and I've now gone from one bead supplier to three to get all the colours I need, which costs extra postage. Even as a business you can't guarantee your supplies will always stay the same.
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                  I actually think ebay is very good for most products and supplies.
                  Even something like a cd, you can get online for a good 20-25% cheaper than the shops.
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                    Personally I'm very wary of ebay, probably just me but I find a lot a stuff can be bought cheaper elsewhere. Too easy to get into the frame of mind that ebay is always the cheapest, until you see the item you've just bought elsewhere at 3/4 what you paid for it. Amazon is my favourite for general shopping for bits and pieces. Had a couple of bad deliveries pre xmas, both from sellers on Amazon market place, they bent over backwards to sort the mess out. Can't fault the after sales service.

                    I'm a wood worker and I usually save my pennies until one of the national shows is on, then I have a day out viewing and shopping for tools and sundries. Majority of my timber I buy from a couple of tree surgeons at firewood prices, with the odd tree coming from a neighbours garden if it is an unusual timber. In this case I would make something from the wood for them as payment.

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                      I do admit I buy a lot from ebay cos craft supplies are so expensive in spe******t shops! If anyone's from Northern Ireland they probably live in craftworld in Belfast like I do!

                      IAnother helpful hint I've found is you can get some great bargains in pound stores and browsing kids sections and sometimes get new ideas also I've noticed that more and more craft fairs have stalls which sell craft supplies now!

                      But don't listen to me - I went up to Belfast the other day to buy one tube of glass paint and came away with 40quids worth of beads, it's an addiction I tells you plus I forgot the bloomin paint - oh well another craft trip then!!!
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                        Online all the way for me, unless its fabrics because you just can't get the feel of them over the tintyweb. Have a great supplier of fleece for felt and for mosaics, I just haven't found a regular one that does cheap postage for small volumes. For jewellery and beads, I'm a bit flaky and go where I like the beads most that day.

                        Out of interest, I noticed that people don't write s p e c i a l * s t normally, why is that?
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                          Because the middle letters spell out a rude word and the forum blocks it with asterists. Looked on your website, you have some beautiful stuff there.
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                            Unfortunately many of the tree surgeons down here have cottoned on to the value of wood and sell at ridiculous prices. I do have a forester who fells, logs and planks all his own wood who is good value when I need plans of dried wood for something but generally it's Freecycle and word of mouth for most of it. Tools and the little bits and pieces I do use E Bay but as you say Tam it can be a con. I put a price that is acceptable to em and if I get it great, if not never mind. I have got some decent Sorby tools from there well under half price but it's hit and miss what's going.

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                              I buy from eBay but am aware that some people hike up the prices because people think because it is on ebay it is cheaper. I also sell on eBay and yes some of my prices are higher than on my website but only because of the fees and limits on some buy it now products. I also buy at online shops and highstreet/smaller retailers.

                              I also like to feel and touch products so going into a store us easier sometimes. With my website i offer the opportunity for a home visit if people want to touch items as i know whats its like. (only if customers are local obviously)
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