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    Hello Everyone.

    Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong forum although this is my 1st trip!

    Ok so I make handmade cards of just about every occasion I can think of.

    I am looking for some help as to where the fayres are! I would love to take part in some local events although never seem to see them advertised- only the acutual event which by this time it is too late!

    I have organsied a fayre back in August and would happily say I would never go there again!!

    I am attending my friends xmas fayre and I am looking forward to this.

    I am in Somerset so if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated- the same goes for if anyone would like to chat about cards etc perhaps we could share ideas?

    Many Thanks Gema

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    Hi Gema,

    You could have a look on

    but otherwise I have just googled 'craft fairs oxfordshire'.

    Not done one myself yet - got one lined up in November. But I think it you do one with a good organiser you can do their other events too.

    Good luck!

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      Hi Gema and
      Have you looked through the Craft Fairs section of this forum, you may find soemthing near you there, or try posting a request there you will probably get a better response

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        Stay with us on this forum. Keep checking the new posts. We are telling eachother of fairs all the time. Unfortunately the UK is abit big so you have to hang around for a couple of days until someone local pops up.

        One thing you could do is put your county into the search facility. That should throw up something. Watch the dates though but a fair that's come and gone might be happening at the same time next year so keep a note of the contacts for future use.



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          I agree there are not many fairs in somerset.
          Try contacting all the local schools to see if they will let you have a stall at their xmas fairs.