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  • Resin/Acrylic

    I'm not sure what to call it, I call it resin, some people call it acrylic, but anyway, where to get it from!!
    The stuff I've been using is a 'friendly' version i got in a book store, its called crystal clear by a company called Gedeo. Its good stuff but takes 24 hours to set (im impatient) and it costs £17 for 300ml!!!! so quite pricey!!
    I just got 1 litre of some polyester resin off ebay for the same price but i dont know if its the right stuff (i will recieve it tomorrow!) I think its the one the uni uses but it dries quite quickly and tacky for a while and can crack easier than the gedeo! there were cheaper ones but called fibreglass resin i don't know what that is?! Any one use the stuff, where do you buy yours??
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    4D Workshop and Tiranti are quite "well known" for their range of resins (both UK), but it's expensive because they sell it in bigger quantities, £20-£40.

    Give Fred Aldous a look, think the Gedeo is a bit cheaper on there?

    Polyester resin is cheaper, but is more likely to break if you drop it, so polyurethane resin should be used for a stronger item
    Fibreglass resin wouldn't be suitable at all, it's for use with fibreglass sheets when doing bodywork on boats and cars.
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      Thank you very much for that! Darn it, maybe I should have enquired before I bought the polystester resin. I will have to have an experiment with it. I think thats the on I used at uni and once it was set properly (after around 3 days) it survived the 'drop test' so we'll see! thanks again!
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        teri, we ask hubby as he deals with all that sort of stuff when he workes for the ones who did piggin and me to you bears


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          Hi, i use resin all the time for my job. Polyester resin is fine for casting, but it is not clear, if you want clear then you want clear cast, if you look up CFS on google, they sell it, but if you only want a small amount then try Notcutts Ltd (not the garden centre)

          Polyurethane resin is good for casting, but if you want it to be strong then you have to heat cure it, which gives off what is known as silent fumes, you cant smell them, but theyre VERY bad. When casting clear cast keep in mind that whatever it touches it will oxidize,(create bubbles) any finger prints etc will be picked up also.

          If youd like to try something thats not smelly etc, canonbury arts in islington, just look them up on google, theyve got a website, sell a bio resin, which is clear, and you can tint it, but its not cheap!

          good luck with whatever you decide.

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            I went with this in the end

            I havent used it yet but it appears to be the one I used at uni to make some small jewellery pieces. Just waiting for a work area to be cleared in the house before I try it!
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